Friday, January 27, 2012

Yo Builders! Yeah Wibs, AE, Bluebell, and Gramcracker/Shay! Thanks. :)

Squeeee! I love yall! I made a little neighborhood!

Wibs I downloaded your little starter home as you can see! Very neat writing your name under foundation miss! I was like omg she is so awesome for this! lol
I aslo grabbed your palor! Shay I love your little bar next to it!
Bluebell! <3
Grabbed 2 of your starters!
And AE I couldn't go without adding one of your to my growing neighborhood. Still empty at the moment, but I'll be moving in a family soon.

Please check out these links if you're interested in these lovely builds:

I still have a few I want download, but you guys really made my game look so vibrant with your builds. Thank you so much!

P.S. And Wibs I'll email you with my request. Keep forgetting. >_>


  1. LOL We can have a block party. :P Thank you so much ladies. I always admire your works, but never got around to downloading or even using some of them. I'm not into houses that much, but I think I'm turning into cc addict and a house addict because of yall. xD

  2. They all look so cute! Can we all move in please? We could all get together over a case of wine each night and put the world to rights :D Thanks Vid ;)

  3. Awww, that's so nice - thank you:)  That bar next to my salon looks nice *goes to check it out*

  4. Aw! Glad you like it! :D


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