Saturday, January 21, 2012

EA is pulling a facebook on our MyPages

Looks like facebook threw up on our pages or planning too. EA you just keep dishing them out huh?! One shitty idea after the other. Well lets break down the shiny new features EA is forcing on us. Excuse my language.

-You’ll have the opportunity to share the latest adventures of your Sims, like updates about your game, as well as posts from your friends and the option to update your My Page Player Wall when Memories occur in your game. When you successfully complete achievements, your Player Wall can also be updated, sharing news of your accomplishments with your friends. These additions will debut when The Sims 3 Showtime launches, but you will also be able to use these across expansion packs and in the base game.

Translations: Spam your friend pages with achievements and memories of your sim cleaning the toilet. Everything you do in game will be broadcast for the world to see. Don't mind the lag you might get with this feature. You're getting it no matter what. What? You need the new patch to fix your game? Don't worry we'll not only NOT fix your game, but will add this shiny new FB copy cat feature for you via the patch. You're welcome!

Privacy Settings:It’s up to you! Make your page accessible to everyone, only to your friends or just keep it private. We know that control of who you choose to interact with is important.

Translation: Forget about the perv troll with porn! He'll be back in time for the big change. Will be using the same shitty features will use for your old pages and not moderating anything! Get ready to be spammed by complete strangers from the friend list that was once useless also! If your not so happy about that though, put your pages on private and shut any friend you did want visiting out! You don't need them! At EA, we make sure not to listen to our customers!

Wishlist and My Studio:Your Wishlist and My Studio will be displayed on your My Page, to make them more accessible to those visiting you.

Translation: We squeezed it in their with all the other shit.

Stickers:-Your stickers are still available to you, but you won’t be able to stick them over your My Page as you can now. We are exploring options for playing with the stickers - and we’ll be looking for your input on what you’d like to see here.

Translation: Your stickers will be useless now! Thanks for filling up our pockets for those useless things! Haha, we got you huh? Don't worry. We won't be adding that feature anytime soon or don't count on us listening to any ideas! When have we ever?!

-With all these new changes, customizing your My Page, such as choosing your color scheme and a custom background image, is not supported.

Translation: We want our pages to look just like Facebook of course! Who needs all those distracting customizations when you got all these Facebook features! What you want to be unique? You think the pages look ugly? Sorry we can't hear you! We're playing Sim social right now.

We're confident that you are going to love the new functions on your My Page and hope that you’ll try them out. Please remember that we are always listening to your feedback and it is appreciated, so please let us know what you think and discuss it on the forums!

Translation: We're confident you won't like it and we don't care. Do we ever? We really hope that you try them out as you know how much we love facebook here. Any feedback or complaints you give us, will be definitely ignored! You're going like it and if you don't, get out. Simsbook is coming!

Update: How did I miss this?!
Sharing on Facebook or Twitter:You will also be able to share your comments with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Sometimes your Sims may do something that is just so awesome you’ll want to share it with everyone. The new My Page functions allow you to do so.

Translation: We will be forcing the facebook feature even more down your throats via your page now! We will even push twitter too!

I used my trusty EA is BS translator for this. You can find it at a Mare's Nest store near you along with la la la I'm not listening headbands.

My thoughts on this are pretty much summed up in the above text, but like I said before Facebook and Sims should not mix!!! I made a facebook a few weeks ago to be part of something that was worth it, but I refuse to use it for any of EA's stupid facebook features! I'm sick of them pushing facebook on us. It doesn't look good for the community. The whole site might go the facebook route and the game might as well. If the game turns into social sharing game, I'm done with the series. Sims was fun without all the social features attached. MyPages were fine without all the added crap! If anit broke, don't fix it! All we needed was more security, not more bells and wistles. Thanks EA!

P.S. To add, we might not have a choice if it's in the patch. If pages are changing over, we might need to update just to upload sims or visit the store. We'll see, but I don't think this will be a minor change. :/


  1. all i am bothered about it the security, that's all. Do what they may to my page, i am not bothered it's not the main place i go to just to talk to friends, heh i really hardly do anything on that site any more. Well well well, all i can say its going to be a desaster.

    Oh, and i am stopping at Pets, Gen would of been the last one but the animals got me =d Didn't get all these problems when i was a console player =d

  2. I can say that this is the first EP I'm not ready to buy and it makes me a little sad.
     Why can't EA just leave well enough alone? 

  3. You're in a similar position to me. I'm not buying Showtime because I don't want the social networking and Simport. I'm also fairly convinced it's going to be patched in meaning I'll be done. I'll either keep playing the games I have or go back to TS2 if I ever find those disks.


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