Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to simming again! Pic Spam!

I decided to start over again with a fresh save game and take a break from pets. I haven't focus on the sims themselves a lot and I kinda wanted to do something different. I first moved Mikey and Nicky to Hidden Springs after getting rid of their save file.

I had a really fun surprise right from the start! Liam welcome Mikey and Nick to the neighborhood. Hehe, no hard feeling then Liam? :P

Mikey and Liam hit it off from the start.
Hmmm...Wibs have you seen this house? Hehe, I recolored some stuff, but I kept the general look of it. It's one of my favorite lots now. :D
Nick didn't like Liam so much. Must of kept him off the forums.
Nerd alert! I should of knew they would hit it off.
Oh no you didn't Nick!

Fight, fight, fight, fight!!!
Bunk beds FTW! Just friends at the moment.
Oh whats this? Roxy and Shane have moved into the neighborhood!
Elizabeth Strange too? She's my model for Seven Deadly Sins. :)
Figures Shane and Nick would get along. I was kinda hoping they would become friends. :P
To be continued.....

I have a litte neighborhood going here. ;)


  1. MCR and Twallan's SP mod FTW! I have those MCR posters from jazz-hands and they go in all of my houses. My Sims are all MCR fans whether they like it or not!

  2. I knew you were going say that! Hehe I wanted to keep it pink, but I didn't think guys would want a pink house. xD

    And they are pretty fun! Muhaha Liam should get slap more often. I'm using twallan story progression mod now and Liam is unpopular. So fitting.

    As for MCR stuff, I make him wear those shirts all the time. Love that band :)

  3. Nice! But I thought you loved pink! lol. I guess it's not quite suitable for 2 guys, it looks good with red  as well. Glad you like it, and they look like a fun bunch to play. And I will love Nick forever for slapping Liam, plus he's a fellow MCR fan I see:)


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