Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I think we found it's mother...

Like mother, like son. How precious!

P.S. Go look at that thread if you don't get it. xD


  1. really? a teacher? i wouldn't of thought, meh it is the interwebz, some people are very differnet to what they are offline, sad but very true D:

  2. I was only kidding. I believe WhoShallNotBeNamed mom is a teacher actually. ;)

    As for the troll, just me making light of the situation. :P

  3. i saw this first time around that woman is thick as two short planks >.>

    & i don't mean to be a smarty pants but the troll in question is an Israeli and they speak Hebrew =d *scratches chin* but some do speak Arabic there

    i checked her location, she's from the US =d she could be playing the same IP game as sesert is doing i don't know =d


    need to end my message on a nice note >.>

    :O that kitty is cute :D i want it >w<

  4. Hiya Seren! :D

    LOL I had to poke fun at the one troll in that thread, but I was getting pretty pissed off reading it myself. People these days. >_>

  5. Hi Vid ! Thank you for bringing humour to such an angering thread and situation.  I was actually pulling my hair out reading that thread yesterday.  I had though about making a blog post but when I tried I was just too pissed off.

    Hehe that cat is adorable !


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