Saturday, January 7, 2012

Liam you even fail at being eaten!

Sorry for delay. I've been dealing with a slight cold these few days and cold medicine that has knocked me out cold a few times. >_>

Liam came back to work to find the urn of the late Hydra.

Liam: Oh woe is me! How will ever go on without my cranky boss Hydra. I'll never get out my mom's basement now. Waaa!
*sniff sniff*....Oooo cake!
Liam: No Hydra means more cake for me. Woooo!
Liam: Oh stop teasing you mean ol cow plant!
Oh what big teeth you have!
Cow Plant: Finally, that guy shut up!
Cow Plant: Gross he taste of fail and mold from his mother's basement.
Liam: Do I taste that bad?
Cow plant: You don't know the half of it.
I tried 3 times and every single time the cow plant spit him out! LOL you win this time Liam. I guess one EA lackey was enough to upset his stomach. xD


  1. lmao!! he made the cowplant sick. poor thing. give her some pepto


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