Monday, January 30, 2012

Twallan Sp Mod- What's going on in my game!

First off, I have to admit I am extremely late to the party. I downloaded Twallan's Story Progression recently and I'm obsessed! How did I ever play without it?! It's freaking epic!!!! My town feels so alive and I'm getting some really cool pop ups with the more sims I add to my town. So what's going on?

Roxy and Shane have broke up. I'm mourning their relationship. They were so cute together. They are still living together, so maybe it's hope. :(

Liam is married and has a baby on the way with this lady! 0_0

Nick and Shane have formed a band called Pure Angst. The first generated name that popped up though was The Woohoo Warriors. Seriously. ROFL!
And some random pictures:
 Never seen a old vampire this color before.
 Shay your bar!

People who moved in or about to move in...
Zack Chase. Working as fireman
Dionte aka Dion
Naomi Sky
I need to make a little family for AE's house. Going add Cat simself and maybe a few others too. :P be continued!


  1. I'm happy for Liam also. I got all excited when I heard he was getting married and was about to be a dad. I can't wait to see the kid. :)

    I think my game is running a little better also. Just seems so different from how it was. I might try some of his other mods. I'm in awe he actually made all those things and they run so perfectly. o_0

    And thank you. *hugs* :D 

  2. Is it wrong that I'ms secretly pleased that Liam is having a Happily Ever After after all the drama he went through with the cow plant?

    After Generations I could not keep my game running for more then a week at a time ( even without CC) so, out of desperation I downloaded Overwatch..then went back for Master Controller and my game ran !

    I was so excited I kept going back.  I was scared too Vid but I think as of this week I now have most of Twallan's Mods and my games have never run better !

    Love all your pics !

  3. I use to play using the awesome mod when the it was popular, but I got tired it of updating it and went modless after that. I kept hearing about Twallan, but I was kinda scared to use it and I didn't wanted get depended on another mod. I notice Twallan updates really fast though, so I decided to give it a try. I never notice EA's SP was so bad either. It does feel like a whole new game. :D

    And I thought the pop ups would be annoying, but I actually look forward to them. xP

  4. i love hidden springs, i just moved my legacy family there. i had a game there previously but it went wonky when pets came out. so im re-enjoying it ^^ one of the best EA towns imo. and you can use my sim if ya want, im sure she will have fun ^^

  5. OMG - I thought for sure you were a mod veteran! lol. T'is epic indeed, I didn't realize just how bad EA's SP actually is until I started using Twallan's. It's like a whole new game, towns are flourishing, babies are being born etc. I love the pop-ups as well:)

  6. Oh and Zeri your sim would be perfect in my town. :)

  7. Yep. I'm playing Hidden Springs. It's the only town I haven't really played much in. I notice all the green folk running around it. Kinda cool! lol Liam lives in Hidden Spring, but he does tend to pop up randomly like on the forums. ;P The SP mod has me playing my game again for hours. Figure it takes outside mod to make the game fun again. xD

  8. you playing in hidden springs? ive noticed a few greenish people running around in there. yeah and liam too lol. do they put him in EVERY town nowadays? and yes SP mod is EPIC. i will not sim without it anymore


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