Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who will be eaten? Day 2, 3, 4... The cow plant has choosen!

Since Liam and Hydra are quite a bore together, I decided to give you the goods in this post. I let the sims do what they want on free will like before and waited.

End of Day 2
Liam went to work on day 2. He works as a scientist in Hidden Springs if you didn't know.

Hydra spent the day reading, playing chess, and relaxing. Liam came home and read as always!

Liam fell asleep leaving Hydra alone with the beast!
She instantly went outside to stare at a plant and did this...
Um...yeah ok. *slowly backs away*
A random horse went by also! :) A deer ran by too and scared me to death. lol
Plotting Hydra or are you having sexy thoughts about Liam? 0_0
Day 3
You dare mock the cow plant Hydra?!
Day 4
So I was getting a little anxious since this was day 4 and still no action, but then it moved!
My face was like this- 0_0
Holy cow! (bad pun, thanks mares) Yay the cake!
Since sims don't automatically go to the cake, I sent Hydra over. She wasn't doing anything anyway. Liam was at work of course, so the little twerp got lucky. 
Mmmm delicious cake! Have a piece?
Go ahead blow out the candle! Muhahaha!!!!
Mmm...taste like chicken and old gym socks.
Guess what Liam!!! You're next! Muhahahahaha! Since this is the magic of sims, I have set it up just for you! Liam you have special gift waiting for you after work and it's still hungry!

To be continued...

P.S. I had to do that about 3 times just to get the shot of her in it's mouth. Was quite fun. :P


  1. Seren! *glomps* :D Nope. Still have the same old dell with the same old graphics card. 2 years old now. Not bad for a 2 year old computer huh? ;P

    I will say everything did look shinner when I installed generations. EA might of did some tweaking with the newest patch also.

  2. Aaahahaha ! This was so funny !  I'm surprised the plant didn't spit her back out. 

    Your pics look amazing btw.  Did you get a new machine or graphics card ?  I can not get over how great the pics are.

  3. Liams turn >:) must see tv hahahaha

  4. 3 Times.    Lucky you.  LMAO 


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