Friday, January 13, 2012

Attentionwhorse stop twisting and making up crap

Warning: Foul language, because it's late and I get pissed every time I read it.

 Dear attentionwhorse,
I have tried very hard to like you. I have talk to you on Simpletons. I have tried to tolerate your presence, but today you hit a new low in manipulate lies.

What Mares said
And by the way, you people out there who pander to this pair of evil little shits because you find their antics ‘entertaining’ – like WindsorErick, Shadow, Aarin, etc in the past, just wait until it’s your turn to be targeted on the EA forum or wherever. You may find – like The Simmer Society and the ‘Creator’ clique did last year when they started getting targeted by **** – that you’ll be on your own.

If you lay down with dogs, you get fleas. If you hang with trolls, don't expect people to come running to help you. Don't expect people to feel sympathy for you when the trolls start targeting you. That what they meant you self absorbed idiot!

Stop twisting people words, stop saying shit to get their attention, stop putting stupid stuff in your sig, and STFU. The sims community was just fine without you. Stop thinking your some damn gift to the simming world!

Mare has made post about plenty of trolls, so why the fuck would they start threatening people to not like you. Nobody gives a shit about you Knight. You're just another simmer! Get your head out your ass and stop looking for little quotes like that to spin.

P.S. I've been dying to say that since reading that crap. If you wanted call me a Mare flunky, get in line. As for AE did on the forums today, she can do anything she want with her account. If she got a warning or a ban, it has nothing to do with you. Mind your business.


  1. Exacatly! he said on my little chat on my TS3 page that something came up and he wont be posting on the officals for a while i don't know if i should believe that or what not, i know that i said i wasn't talking to him any more but he just posted in my chat this morning, two ish weeks after my lecture -.-' why so long?

  2. Oh for heaven's sake!

    So he can berate someone on the forums for saying something, but if someone does it to him, it's "poor me?"

    I hoped 2012 would be a year of less hypocrisy and double-standards, but I guess I was wrong. Silly me for having a bit higher of expectations! XD

    Take Jarsie for the sake of an example. For the most part, she was a major rude pain in the ass, and The Mare's Nest posted about it often. Now look at what has happened. She has taken a different....attitude if you will....treats others better than she has before, and The Mare's Nest hardly ever posts about her, and even when they do, it's in good light.

    If he can't see that, he's blind as a bat. Stop being a douche, and you won't be called out for being one. Simple as that.

  3. He had his chance and he blew it. Nobody's fault but his own.  

  4. my own personal opinon on him that he is a good lad but he doesn't bloody listen -.-' i have seen what he writes, most of its a bit off, i told him to stop posting there (EA forum) many many times he didn't listen O_O and still posted stuff like this Urgh just the other day i flipped (in a well mannour! xP) and told him straight. after my lecture he still posted -.-' i gave up and stopped talking to him, and he says mares is being mean to him, how? they are just posting pictures of what he said >.<

    Urgh D: sorry for the rant Vid he just annoyed me bad >.<

  5. i personally have little to no opinion of this person. he seems like he might actually be a fairly decent person to talk to, if he would stop being a self righteous obnoxious dipshit. he and i have a fair bit in common. and from what i have seen on the EA forum, hes been somewhat.. tolerable lately.
    I havent seen his latest whinefest however. must have missed it. so lemme guess, hes bitching that the mares nest got him banned from my site? is that his problem? TMN had little to do with it, actualy. if he really MUST know. (and he could have easily contacted me for an explanation, but whining to ppl on the EA forum is soo much more mature)
    i was under pressure from just about EVERY member to ban him just because he was there. hes untrustworthy and no one wanted him around. i will not ban someone who hasnt broken a rule so i gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him stay. and for the most part, he did behave himself.
    But the 'hacking' fiasco in the chatbox was enough for members to convince me he really needed to go. that breaks TWO of our rules, trolling and harassment.
    this wasnt an easy decision for me. i did what i had to do to ensure the peace of mind of my loyal forum members. sometimes being a leader is hard, and you dont always make everyone happy, but shit happens. grow up and be a man once in a while

  6. Totes agree. I was kind of hoping that when KingOfTheTrolls upped and left trolling the EA forum (if not for good, for what seems to have been a decent time) that his WhorseJester would follow. No such luck.
    I didn't have be a part of the muck up involving Rodulate - I was lurking the forums anyway and there was something about the Whorse and it's posts that didn't sit right with me.
    I think it's the old case of trying too hard. I feel awkward (r/l or net) when I think someone is fake, trying to hard or pretending to be someone they're not and Jester is definitely one if not all three.

  7. My opinion of people is based on what they themselves do and say, not what anyone else thinks.  If I think someone is not worthy of my attention, I can decide to ignore them all on my own. 

    That the mares often agree with me about stuff is purely coincidental. :-P

  8. I never got a warning or ban, which is surprising.

    There have been plenty of times where I should have gotten one, and I never have. I'm not saying I'm not deserving of one by any means, but I can't exactly just force them to do it, LOL


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