Monday, January 2, 2012

I got my cow plant and the newest patch!

I've been kinda avoiding updating, but I had to for the cow plant to download. So I updated. Been wanting to update to see the alien like trees anyway. Kinda cool.
Another tree behing the....Cowplant!!!

 Liam hid from me in my sim bin, so Hydra stepped in to feed the beast.
 *cough cough eat her cough cough*
 No eat her!
 Silly cow plant eat her!
After doing a google search before going to bed, I found out that you must starve the beast for 3 days to make it devour a sim. I shall test this! To be continued with Liam joining in....


  1. Lol! My mom gets worried when I start yelling at the computer screen. :)

  2. lol You sound like me when I was yelling at the computer screen last night. xD

  3. eat her, EAT HER!! >:)


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