Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aw KingOfTheFail needs a tissue and some class!

Get the Kleenex and violins out folks!!! This ones a tear jerker!

Aw, but who ever could it be? What a big meanie!
You can read comments for further proof!
Notice the date though? That was months ago!!! You're just seeing it?! Late much? Back to that thread...
It's right here hun! Turn a left on lol street and a right on sarcasm.

Oh gawd how ever will I sleep at night?! Vid you are just despicable! Of course la ranche isn't tacky or deliberate! Oh the humanity!!!! When will the evil Vidkid stop her reign of terror!?

In all seriousness, the only f'ing reason you made this thread was to get attention. Why go digging through my blog to find a post that was made over 3 months ago and then post about it on the forums? If it bothered you sooo much you could comment or left a comment in my cbox, but no you don't have the balls to do that!

As for what I said, I was referring to the title of your competition and not the content. When I made that post your competition had just begun, so the title was what I found amusing. Who on earth would call their competition la ranche and not expect some type collected eye roll? The name is just WTF!

Was it your way getting attention? Was it a way outsmart the moderators? Don't know and don't care. After taking a dig at Bluebellflora here the same day, I could care less and I found it funny.

Anyway, back to what I find so f'ing amusing about this. Not only are you late, but you don't have the balls to say the blog's name. Bwhahaha! I welcome you to say the name of it next time. Go right ahead! And while you at it get in line with the other butthurt morons and write me a letter of thanks for advertising your so successful competition. Gotta admit that post gave you free advertisement! You're welcome inneudo/kingofthefail!

Oh and a further note to add..

Cat's comment "Not sure why someone like him is allowed to communicate with children in the forums."
Was proven with your latest antics. Real classy. Now who's being lower than low?


  1. I didnt talk trash about vidkid. yes i think she should ignore his posts if she doesn't like it, because he will never stop posting, i dont really read this blog very often but i clicked on it after looking at bluebell's post and so i saw the original one about the flame thread. 

  2. And why is it that Lucky can't follow her own advice?

    1) She trash talks you on other blogs, then comes over and tries to play nice to your face.

    2) She says that perhaps you shouldn't pay his comments any mind, yet she pays attention to what YOU say.

    Practice what you preach, Lucky. Until then, you have no business trying to advise others on what to do.

  3. And The Mares Nest said crossbreed between WindsorErick and Graham Norton.

    Except Graham Norton is actually COOL guys! :P

  4. LOL Him and his NVMs! He should start one, but he doesn't have the brain cells or guts to make one or keep up with it. xD

  5. He can tell his friends to come over here if he want. They will just get banned and embarassed. If he hadn't post on the forums he wouldn't even got a mention from me, so like Mares said obivious attention whore is obivious. Really pathetic.

  6. LOL Nobody important. Just another attention whore. xP

  7. Why doesn't he just start his own blog? He commented on one of the Mac threads the other day, telling me I was like him by starting multiple threads about the same subject. Then he actually bothered reading the thread and realised what a penis he looked. Of course he then deleted his post. 

  8. And JewelRule just sounds like an idiotic troll. "I feel like getting angry today" sounds like "I feel like picking fights because I can."

    People seem to forget that there is a certain amount of freedom of expression. There is a limit, but that limit is hardly ever passed by most simmers. Crossing the limit would be siccing their friends on the one doing the blog post to harass them, which I wouldn't put past King of the Night.

  9. What he fails to realize is that the EA forums are not for his own personal blog use about his feelings. I don't appreciate him being a hypocritical little fuckwad.

    It seems to me that he's just grasping for straws and finding a way to draw attention to himself in order for his fan club to jump in and give his ego the much-needed boost it apparently needs.

    He can't really get anymore pathetic than he already is. 

  10. Sorry, who is he again and why should anyone care?

  11. And also he tried to get a rise out of me in GD a little while back. It was a thread asking about stuff packs. Someone dared to have a different opinion than Mark. So naturally Mark told them in big bold letters to stop trolling...*roll eyes*. I said they just gave their opinion, that's not trolling.  Then he said why don't you go and blog about me on your cute blog. I said no, I only blog about things that interest me. He said, yeah but you have blogged about me before. I said, yes but I no longer find you and your antics interesting, so there will be no more posts about you. Hope you're not too disappointed. I swear, it was totally ridiculous and I could kick myself for even replying to him - feeding him like that. Of course others chimed in as well, it ended with him NVM'ing all of his posts. What a surprise! No matter, from now I'll ignore him if he tries something like that again.  He is so not worth it.

  12. Haha I wondering who he was refering to in that part. I thought about your post and wondered. xD I guess becuz you commented under the post I linked and your own blogpost about him, he took a dig at you too. I should really stop feeding that moron, but I couldn't resist this time. He's such a fail.

  13. Ring-ring-alarm-alarm! Attention whore alert! "Save your blogs for that new house you just built or that new haircut you just had". Hey Mark, thanks for reading my blog - even though it must be boring for you now that I no longer blog about you and your antics. Still, much appreciated *wink*.

  14. He will probably whine about this one while giving me blog hits on Simpure. xP

    I guess I should expect a reply back next month. lol

  15. So this is the Blog that was being talked about in that thread?  LMAO,  I guess what they say is true, " Even bad attention is better than none at all for some". 


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