Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Roxie updated and wish me luck tomorrow...

It looks a lot like her. Still getting use to the marking thing in CAS, but I think I did ok.

As for the real one, I gotta take her to the vet tomorrow. She hasn't been feeling well again. She been laying around all day, hasn't really drink any water, spit up this morning, and the 2's (save you the details) aren't normal. I really hope it's nothing serious. :/

P.S. We're going to a new vet and probably a more expensive one, so hopefully we can afford whatever things she may need. So tired of dragging her off to the vet. Poor thing.


  1. *hugs* Yeah. Everytime she gets sick, I can't help but panick a bit. Hopefully it's just upset stomach or something minor.

  2. Hope she's ok Vid, big hugs x


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