Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Candy rant

Someone gave me a bag of mini resses/peanut butter cups about a week ago. They are my favorite candy! Well I put them in the fridge, becuase they were melting. I did forget about them for a mintue as they usually would be sitting out if they weren't melting. Anyway, I go to the fridge to get some today and the whole f'ing bag is gone! Left two out of the whole bag! Like thanks a lot a**hole! FFS, the whole f'ing bag? Could they at least left half the bag or mention them to me or maybe just f'ing asked. The sneaky little bumnugget should of choked on them. lol I'm partly kidding, but really some nerve! I have a good idea who did it too! *makes angry face*

end of rant


  1. ROFL That's so weird it happen to you too. I really don't get the point of leaving 2, especially fun size types of candy. Mines was open, but I had't ate any as the first one I touched was melted. Haha, I was mumbling and grumbling eating my last resse cups.

    At least we got 2 of our bags huh? xD

  2. LOL I knew it was you! Meanie! xD

    I hate when people do that. I have only one family member does that, so it's not really hard to figure out where certain things dissapear too. Drives me crazy sometimes. >_<

  3. I confess! I stole all the Reese's I could grab my paws on. Sorry, I'm just a fool for chocolate and peanut butter. ;)

    On a serious note, don't you hate when they take majority of your food/candy/whatever and they leave that tiny bit. Like "Hello! did you think I wouldn't notice?!"  >:(

    Alright bed time for me. Night Vid!

  4. Same happened to me last night.  LOL   Hubby bought me a bag of Fun Size Snickers a week ago and I put the bag in a drawer next to my desk, UNOPENED. I finally got around to eating a couple last night and that's exactly what was left in the bag,  2 .


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