Monday, November 28, 2011

Geek moment: The Walking Dead last night was awesome!

The mid season finale totally made up for the episode before that. I was disappointed last week, but they ended right for this season or mid season in this case. I was like wow! So much better than last season(so far)!
*spolier alert if you click read more*

Am I the only one obsessed with Shane?!
 He is such a douche, but he so freaking badass! They should never kill him off, because he makes the show. He's outshining Rick! As for Rick he is starting to get on my nerves. He better toughen up. I couldn't believe what he did last night with capturing zombie thing. They did not look good for him, but he did redeem himself at the end.

As for the wife, I kinda hate her. She fooled around with Shane and now the dummy is pregnant. So what if she thought Rick was dead! It hadn't been even a year and you mess around with his best friend?! I hope it's Shane's so we can have some more drama. I wonder if Rick will be so alright about everything if it is his. I love how Shane was like "it's mine you know!" Bwhaha! I love that guy!

I can't wait for the next season in February. My predictions are that something will happen to the farm and they will have to leave. They can't have it that easy. I'm also thinking Rick's wife might lose the baby, since a crying baby would be dangerous. I'm also thinking Shane will have it out with Rick, but I can't see the writers having them not in the show together. Hmm...

Can't wait for next half of the season! At least it won't be a long wait this time! <3

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