Saturday, November 5, 2011

Playing around with the template again (done for now..)

No you didn't come to wrong blog again. LOL I'm playing with different template colors and designs. I have kinda an idea for the design I want, but the banner would have to be retired. Not sure if I want it gone or not.

As for the current color and design, I'm wondering if it's too dark. Hmmm....I will be messing with it a little more. I'm back and forth messing with this and my comp pic.

Update: Ok, I think I'm done. I like the pop of color on top. Wish the bottom was the same, but if I change the banner this will be temporary. It is growing on me tho.


  1. LOL If blogger had more choices I would change more often. I get bored easily with designs. I'm going change it again if I can pull off a good banned. I'm getting pretty good with siggies, so hopefully those skills go into my banner. xD

    Anyway thank you. I wanted more color, but it due for now.

  2. The advantage to changing is you can always change back, i don't often change, i get to attached to the design. LOL, is that normal? Either way I like the new splash of color. =)


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