Sunday, November 13, 2011

How a thread goes up in flames

1. Start a normal topic

2. Get some normal comments

3. Get a random commentor wanting to start a fight/debate
 4. Get 1 or more to debate with them (see #3)

5.Have an attention whore to appear (a must to any trainwreack and will appear on their own)

 Note: Attention whores need attention. Will keep at it till given some.
 6. Thread must turn into a debate by the 5th page. When done you have a train wreck! Congrats!
 "How did we get here again?" You may find yourself asking this as you read. Don't be alarm it's normal!
See the note above.

Rinse and repeat! If you feel a slight dizzyness or your hand goes to your face (called a facepalm), see a doctor immediately. We are working to find a cure for the latest outbreak of dumb fights and shit-stirring. Stay tune...


  1. Actually I see he got banned. Something about modeling or whatever. Hm. He made a new account though.

  2. Oh hello. I'm glad you saw how unnecessary that was. Most wouldn't. It was such a long rant, I honestly stop reading, so I wondering if you realized that. 

    Anyway it's not trash talking, but it's just me pointing out the moronic state the forums has decended to. I didn't even need lurk long to see that. Well glad you commented. You have more guts than your friend kingofthefail does. You can tell him that personally so he won't be 3 months late again if you want. :)

  3. Wait. Female Sims can't be fire fighters because they supposedly aren't as good as men in the front line?  I'm confused... as to why the usual idiots didn't hit the report button the second it went off topic. Sounds like a good opportunity to me. 

    For the record, I've had several fire fighters that were female and they had no problem doing the job. No problems with the females in the military career either. What do you mean it's not real life? 

  4. I think I do.... sometimes ;)

  5. LOL You're right. My rant was unecessary. Oh well. Shame on me. 

  6. Oh God, stop the madness or my head will explode! Don't these people have lives?

  7. LOL And all of them do this everyday. Just don't know when to shut up.

  8. YES!!! ^.^ Win in it's finest form x3 (the post, not the thread)

  9. LMAO.  That is great. Shit stirrers  everywhere.


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