Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update on Roxie, vet, groomer rant!

I just back came from the big vet (treats almost everything) with Roxie. The vet we were going to was a lot smaller and closer to us. Anyway, my youngest uncle drove us as we (me and my grandmother) have no clue how to get there. Last night she had started coming around playing a bit, but this morning we ran around the house cleaning up spit up and her stool still wasn't normal. The spit up look like same crap she had before though, which I found strange. Just decided to take her and get 2nd opinion from another vet.

Well the vet saw her and told us she got kennel cough. We thought she was vaccinated for everything, but turns out our old vet didn't give her the shot for that at all AND she got it from her regular petsmarts groomer she went to a week ago!

Like FFS, how on earth could her vet missed that? I could see her missing it the first time, but the 2nd time should of alerted her. Plus if she had her records, she should of checked for that shot!!! Also Petsmarts should of checked for that shot!!! They obviously don't check since she got it from there. She hasn't been out anywhere since the groomer, so it most definitely came from there and it takes about week after exposure again for them to have the symptoms show up. They can get from kennels, other dogs and just freaking surfaces! So both placed f'ed up! She had this crap 2 times now (now 3)! You think someone who works in the field would catch a clue! The cough/hacking would go away from awhile, but then it would just come right back. I knew it had to be something else!

Now I'm wondering if we should find a different groomer. They didn't do so great last time and if they have kennel cough back there, I don't know if that's a good idea. As for the vet, we may just stick with the new one. I do like the old vet, but I'm questioning them right now. Pay all that money for a wrong diagnoses? :/

I'm glad she's ok though. I was scared it was something more serious. I didn't get much sleep last night worrying about her. Kennel cough isn't that bad and can be at least treated. She has more pills of course, which she hates. Going be a lot fun getting her to take them again tonight. -_-


  1. It's terrible you can't even trust vets now. I really don't get it. Maybe she was just having us pay for medicine that didn't work over and over again or maybe she just had no clue what she was doing. The new vet took only a few mintues and us explaining it to dianose her and give her medicine.  >_> A million times better than the old place. Look like a actual hospital almost. lol

  2. Yeah, they use to check for shots when we first took her there. They never checked for kennel cough tho or warned us. I will probably look up some groomers while she heals. The poor thing has to take pills for 2 weeks, but she already looks better and ran around a little without coughing. It's definitely a big relief.  :)

  3. Glad she's ok. Sounds like the old vet is a bit of a quack maybe?  Not sure how you forget to give a shot or not know you didn't give it.
     My female cat whom I've had for 6 years now always went to the same vet for her shots for the first 4 years of her life.
    Since we moved to NC we of course changed vets and the new vet says she has a heart murmur. Of course the new vet wanted to run $500.00 tests, I guess so he could tell me she had a Heart Murmur.  LOL I don't trust vets anymore than I trust Drs.

  4. You must feel so relieved :) The holiday home (kennel!) that I put my doggie into when I go on holiday will only accept the dog after you've shown that their vaccinations are up to date and they've had the kennel cough squirty thing up the nose. I love it, it's so responsible. 

    I'd take her to another groomer definitely Vid, look at the worry they've put you through and the pain for poor Roxie.


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