Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Going update while I still can. Why it's still alive...

I thought my computer had died Saturday because I was getting a windows 10 blue screen telling me Unmountable Boot_Volume Error and it wouldn't do anything. Wouldn't let me reboot or restart. The automatic fix screen just went to blackI was able to run a test on it. Got the following codes: 4400 011a, 00f00 133c, 0f00 065d.

Them codes look like gibberish to me, so I just went off of what google told me and I thought my hard drive might be dead. Well, it might be failing still, but it's not dead yet. It's either that or something else. I can't say, because the inside of the computer confuses me.

So today after crying about it and mourning the loss of my Dell desktop I turned it on. Got the same crap. Got mad. Turned if off. Ate some cereal and danced around the kitchen with my music in my ears. Came back to see if it would come on. It was on, but the monitor was cut off. I turned the monitor on and the screensaver thingy was on. I'm like um...ok? Hit enter and it's alive normal as can be. I was pretty much speechless. ZOMBIE COMPY! AHHHH!

Either I'm an idiot, the compy is possessed, or I just got lucky today and it's giving me a warning. Either way I'm taking this thing to Best Buy and get it checked out. Buy any pieces I need to save money. Then save up for a brand new Dell, because this thing is 7 years old.

In the meantime, I'm going use it till it kills over again. lol Updates coming. And don't worry I saved everything I could on the ubs drive.

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