Friday, May 26, 2017

DARK SHADOWZ CYCLE 11~ Finale Scores

Finale Siggy. Got 2nd for my overall scores:

Got 3rd for the specific assignment:
3rd Place
94 points
Why won't you play with me?
I waited for you in my doll house, but you never came. You left me to collect dust in your window pane. I watched you from afar. I watched you kiss that boy. Why did it all fall apart?

Why won't you play with me?
Why did you have to grow old?
I didn't change. My porcelain skin remained the same. You replaced me with gadgets. Replaced me with flesh and lust. I thought I was the one you could trust.

Why won't you play with me?
I'm here now in your arms. Now you won't play with me. Did I do something wrong?
Throw my lifeless limbs into the trash. Discard away the memories we once had.

Well, I'm alive now. Alive to take you away. Take you to this palace where you will stay.
Dress you up and make you clay. Turn your flesh to twine. Watch your blood dry.
Now you'll play with me forever. You promised right?

Photo Quality: 5/5
Model Appearance: 5/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 9/10
Gothic Appeal: 8/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 9/10
Total: 46/50
Excellent final entry. I think that the story, while written really well, was a little clichéd and to be expected, however, your photo sold it for me. You are so wonderful at setting up such fun and interesting photos. This is one of my absolute favorites of yours! Great way to end the competition.

Photo Quality: 5/5
Model Appearance: 4/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 10/10
Gothic Appeal: 9/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 8/10
Total: 46/50
I love the story behind this. The models look eerie and scary. What happened to these dolls? I needed to read the story several times as it confused me a touch, not sure whether the model sitting at the table is the one you speak of or the human looking in on them, but the overall effect is really amazing!

Well, I made it to the finale. My computer was acting up in the middle of completing this entry, so my poem isn't the best. I honestly couldn't think of anything else anyway. Not that many ideas to do with a living doll after awhile imo. I did base this off of a movie. An unlikely one. Toy Story. Kid grows old and loses interest in their toys. Toys hatch a plan to get them back.  In my twisted version, Doll gets pissed instead and turns their grown kid into a doll to keep them forever. The end. lol The guy looking in is her boyfriend (also my sim Drew) by the way. Should have explained it better, but I wanted the photo to have that perspective of looking into a doll house. Still, I thought a twisted Toy Story would be so cool and creative, but no one picked up on that. My sucky poem may be why. xD

I did finish this photo before my computer decided to go on vacay for a moment, but I didn't get to polish it like I wanted. Still turned out ok. I got this effect by using two different photos obviously though. Well, technically 3. One of the bedroom, one of the Drew/the boyfriend, and one of the doll house. Lots of green screen and cutting. Then I used a mod to enlarge the toys and added bloody cracks onto their skin. Also added the coins to sell the effect that they're small. That's about it.

The next assignment is do nothing because this was the finale! I'm relieved I only have to focus on one story now. lol Was fun while it lasted. Congrats to Chell for kicking our butts!  :)

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