Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Face Off Cycle 8- A7 & Scores

SAFE- 4th Place
Vid with Nicole Riley
*sigh* I thought I would place higher. At least one more spot higher. xP

You know what I like about this shot, Nicole? I like that this photo can be interpreted in different ways. Are you an undercover cop who’s just made a fantastic bust? Or are you in fact being arrested and got the upper hand over your arresting officer? Either way, it’s interesting and I like that. I also think your team did fabulously with your makeup and the whole lighting/setting of this shot rocks. Great job.

Lady Riley, I'd arrest you too for looking so fabulous out in public. You really glow here, quite literally. Love that you incorporated the police tape and handcuffs. Your picture does tell a story and fits the urban theme very well. The police car bit was used in Du Juan's photo but I believe yours varied enough that it does its own justice. I think my only quibble with this comes down to personal taste in makeup. I'm not a big fan of the blue and shiny but that's minor and really nit-picking a bit. Nice job overall!

While the judges didn't say this, I do think this pic needs more color. Might be why I got 4th among other things. I also didn't realize someone else had put a cop car in their pic either. Like I didn't even notice. I might have changed my idea if I had known. Oh well.

Anyway, the work that went into this was insane! Nicole and the wall are one piece together in-game. The background behind them is another separate piece. The caution tape was added in. The lights were added in. The other car behind her was added in. I made the pose especially for this and it took all damn day because I couldn't get it right at first. Then handcuffs were added in once I got the pose right. Then the outfit/ top alone was another headache because it looked fuzzy around the edges in-game. The cc caution tape around her arm also needed work. I also switched the earring out from another shot I took. Added some color to her makeup. Tweaked the ring on the choker to match it up with the top. Then on top of all that mumbo jumbo, I added shadows and lighting effects. Never did it before. Not this good anyway. Ugh, let's just say I took a long ass break after this to rest my eyes. At least my attention to detail this time garner me no flaws at least, but damn I wanted top 3!!!!

B/w this photo was not inspired by anything particular. I just wanted to make her look like a badass and I thought police lights would make for some funky interesting lighting. I like that it's left up to interpretation. I did that on purpose. I like to think she outsmarted the police tho. 😏

The next assignment is to do a season and we had to reserve the season we wanted as it was limited spots. My lazy moody ass this weekend decided to wait and not log in, so I got stuck with Fall. Wanted Summer or at least Spring, but I got Fall. Plus the other person with Fall is a freaking magician with their photos. Annnnd it's a double elimination!  I'm done for!!! Someone help me!!!! Send luck ASAP!!!! lol

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