Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Face Off Cycle 8- A6 & Scores

SAFE- 5th Place
Vid with Nicole Riley
I was so lucky I was safe with this because this was not my best. 

You remind me of a jazz singer in a seedy dive bar, Nicole…and I love it. It was a different take on the assignment. Where everyone else went with the mysterious and seductive damsel in distress, you went with a seductive singer and a mysterious man in the background. I think that’s an excellent choice. My only suggestion would have been to choose a different color for the dress. As is, she looks like she belongs on an island in the sun. A bold royal blue or forest green would have really been an awesome choice.

Lady Nicole, you look beautiful as always. You've got the shadows and the pop of color down pat. I love the flower in your hair and your pose because it draws more attention to you than if you'd had your arms down at your sides. I do feel as if you're losing a bit of the face-off focus with the extended background and the man in the back. I also think a bit of jewelry would have made your outfit pop a bit more, as the outfit coupled with the hair suggests more jazz/Hawaiian in feeling than noir to me. Nice job overall!

This wasn't really rushed and it's my original idea for the most part, so I have no excuses. I did want to cut her out and place her on the background to up the quality, but I didn't have time to be doing all that. Took me awhile to brave up and do it TBH.

The setting was fun to build, but I had move things around so it could be seen in this closeup type of shot. I also thought the guy would be a nice change, but I knew I was taking a risk. I expected to get some flack for adding an extra.

Now the color of my dress with that flower was just a dumb choice. I was so focused on the pop color aspect that I didn't realize how island and tacky it would look in this type of shot. I almost made my dress forest green and left out the flower. I also saw a dress I wanted after the freaking pic was done! UGHHHHHH! Should have stop lazying about and took more time to work on this.

B/w the poses are mine. You can get the main pin-up one on my cc blogspot and tumblr. Might as well stick some free advertisement in here. They're not perfect, so don't complain to me. I know they're not. I cringe at the minor rooky mistakes I've made with them. Heck, I'm still learning. xD The guy pose in this pic might be released, but after I fix his legs and feet. >_<

Anywhoo, I relied on smoke and experimental shadows to get this look. I think I could do it better now since practicing with A7's photo.

Speaking of the next assignment, I did it already of course. I'm a little behind posting results if you can't tell. One more post should fix that. The next assignment is an urban theme photo with funky lighting and colors. I like my pic a lot. I think it needed more funky colors or something though.

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