Friday, May 26, 2017

Face Off Cycle 8- A5 & Scores

Top 3- 2nd Place
Vid with Nicole Riley
My zombie computer came back to life and I did this pic within hours of its resurrection. lol No plans whatsoever, so I'm still stunned I got 2nd.

Pretty, Nicole! I was instantly reminded of the Mother Nature character from the Santa Claus movies. I really think that color rocks on your skintone. Your pose is a little less “goddess-like” than I’d have hoped for, but your headpiece is stellar for this. Your background was also a big safe for me, but overall, this whole photo does what it’s supposed to and you look excellent.

Lady Nicole, as I told Sir Yamada, yellow is a powerful color and can be very overwhelming. While yellow is very powerful in your photo, the softer tones did go a bit easier on the eyes. You look very gorgeous here and I love your outfit and headpiece. I like that you broke up the yellow with hints of white and green. The white sparkles were a nice touch, and the pose is lovely and serene. Excellent effort overall. Also glad things worked out with your computer and I hope you can continue to the end of the competition!

My inspiration for this photo was my grandmother's favorite color and flowers. That's it. Can't remember what I wanted to do at first really. I originally wanted to use this headpiece, so that was planned. The rest was thrown together the last minute. Cut her out, found a pretty background, placed her on the background, placed flowers on her head one at a time and then added a charm to the headpiece which is an earring actually. The pose was already in my pose list. Not mine. I finished after the due date during someone else's extension I think while they were in the midst of doing scores. Literally came into the thread screaming for them to wait for me because my computer came back to life. lol I still don't know why it did that.

I'm just relieved tho. I was so sad when I dropped out at first, so I'm glad I made it. Then I'm lucky to have a pic I like. It even makes for a great avi. xP  I'm proud I finished it so fast with the issues I was having. Hopefully, that won't happen again.

The next assignment was to do a colorful version of Film Noir with shadow effects. I did it, but meh I'm not crazy about it. It's ok. I got scores for it, so I'll post it next.

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