Sunday, April 16, 2017

Face Off Cycle 8- A3 & Scores

2nd Place
Nicole Riley
Again I was forced to change my idea, because of the color scheme. I do love this pic tho. Super happy to get 2nd again too. 😊

Wow, Nicole, yet another stunning photo! I love this photo to pieces. That shade of blue is amazing on you and your team did so well with adding in sparkles. I especially like that one side of your photo is blurred. It gives depth to the shot. Your pose is pure (like the sensation that shade of blue inspires) and your styling is phenomenal. Excellent work this round!

Lady Nicole, just when I thought I was done being dazzled you come in with a stunner. I love your use of blue here. It's a very icy look and yet warm at the same time. I like the texture difference between the left side of you and the right, a technique I have noticed in other photos from your set designer. You look like the queen of winter here, even your pose was suited for showing off your dazzling earpiece. The gown was just an excellent idea! Awesome picture overall. I've nothing to critique here.

I'm very pleased with my scores and comments. I almost never get comments saying there's nothing to critique. 🙌

Again I wanted to do red, but red is such a popular color. I ended up just searching through piles of dresses and settling on this. Then settling on the icy blue color since the dress looked cool in blue. I almost did yellow though, but meh blue felt right. Plus the icy blue hair reminds me of Storm from X-men. Storm's hair is white, but still. 😋

Lots of editing again. This is a before pic....

It cut out perfectly. 😀👍
I wanted to draw glitter, but I didn't have time. I used glitter textures for her eyes and hair. The earring is a combination of a bracelet and earring I think. I was going give her a necklace, but I didn't want it to look too busy around the neckline. Went with a chandelier earring instead. My original idea also included sequins on the lips, but it seem unnecessary for this pic. B/w this dress almost didn't get used due to the blurriness on the edges of it. I took my time and fixed that up in editing though. 

The next assignment is to do a pic inspired by her heritage. I know what I'm going to do heritage wise. Just need the perfect styling and backdrop.

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