Thursday, April 13, 2017

Face Off Cycle 8- A2 & Scores

2nd Place
Vid with Nicole Riley
This edit took forever, but I think it may be one of my best. Really thrilled I got 2nd.

My favorite of the round! I love the color choices – purple and green are awesome colors! I also love your eye contact and how everything looks so nice with your skintone. I love how your team combined metal and crystals by using liquid metal gloves and a partial mask. Ahh, I don’t have anything to complain about. Great work!

The creativity here is awesome! It's my favorite thing about your image, Ms. Riley. My second favorite thing is your eye contact. Although eye contact with the camera isn't really a stickler for me, it does ramp up the fierce factor and you look very fierce here! The purple and green are really great colors that complement each other in this photo. I think the texture of the background is awesome. Your make-up artist should get a bonus for the skill with which they blended the crystals on your chest and head. The silver really breaks up the abundance of green and was a good choice, but I feel that the picture is a bit too busy with different textures. It's almost overwhelming you. The metallic hands look great if not for a bit of blurring and the make-up on you face was artfully applied. Excellent job overall!


This wasn't my original idea at all. I wanted to do something with red and gold, but someone beat me to that color scheme. So I messed around with the color wheel in CAS and just chose to do these colors since they looked kind of cool together.

As for editing...

Before (no editing at all)

Back and forth between and photoshop. The metal hands and crystal dress took up most the time. I made the dress copying and pasting crystals piece by piece. Use the blood as a guide for the metal since it wouldn't recolor in CAS. 

The background is two different wallpapers combined. Wanted to bring the metal and crystal theme into the background as well. 

The next assignment was sparkles and glitter. I did it already and it's been scored, because well I'm behind posting these type of post. I did it between preparing myself for the "you know what" this week. It turned out looking great luckily. Will let this breathe and post it next. 

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