Sunday, April 16, 2017

DARK SHADOWZ CYCLE 11~ A3 and Scores

3rd Place
88.5 points
*sigh & mumbles* Not my favorite, but I was lucky to do anything that week.

Photo Quality: 5/5
Model Appearance: 5/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 4.5/5
Creativity/Originality: 8/10
Gothic Appeal: 8/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 8/10
Total: 43.5/50
I’m glad you were able to get something together – you are truly a wonderful simtographer and story-writer, so I would have missed your work! You did a great job with this assignment, but I do feel like it still hit close to home. The thought of bringing back a loved one once they’ve died is something I’m sure many people in reality wish they could do! I hope you’re feeling okay <3 That being said, excellent work and I love the photo sooooooo much. Your zombie Sam is pretty great!

Photo Quality: 4/5
Model Appearance: 4/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 8/10
Gothic Appeal: 9/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 8/10
Total: 43/50
I enjoyed reading your story of the confident and obsessed lover and her desperation to bring Sam back from the dead and how her witchcraft gave her the means she thought to fix everything. The background was beautifully done, the outfits were perfect and really fit with your story. The ending, however was a bit cliché if there had been a twist such as her accepting her fate just to be with her love it may have given you an original edge to your story. Sam as a zombie looks effective and loved the effort you put into both outfits the witch looks fantastic in her Gothic clothing

I had a better idea for this I think, but it got kind of lost in the hustle and someone did a cemetery setting. TBH I had hard time thinking about this theme considering I was dealing with a dying family member. End up doing it last minute after considering dropping out.

I was inspired by rl circumstances when I finally got out of my head and just did that damn thing. I also was inspired by one of the classic horror movies, Pet Cemetery. Then I sort of wrote it from crazed crush perceptive, which made it a bit laughable for me. Still turned out really creepy.

Very little editing by the way. The setting is all in-game. The pose is left over from Dead On Arrival. It needs reworking before being released.

The next assignment was thankfully not death related. lol I had to do See No Evil in piccie form. Not the monkey thing, but I had to show Sam unable to see the evil among him. Been scored already, so I'll post scores soon.

Cheesy thrown together story alert.....

I miss you too much to let you go. Why does death have to be so permanent? Saving you while you were alive was impossible, but I can fix what's broken now. It doesn't have to be permanent. Your heart, your mind, and your body. I can fix it. I can make this work.

Those others girls gave up on you, but I was always there for you. You just never noticed me, but don't worry. You'll notice me now. You'll be mine forever! Mine for eternity.

To think it only took one spell to bring you back to me. To bring air into those beautiful lungs. To make your heart beat once again. Oh I hope it beats for me, but will it beat the same? Will you be the same boy I fell in love with?They warn me not to do it. They told me bringing the dead back from the grave would be a fate worse than death for us both. That you would be some unnatural creature. My beloved? Never. Our love will prove them wrong. I'll make you remember. I'll make you live!

Oh my. I think I can hear your footsteps coming up the driveway. My body is ready. I hear you turn the knob. I hear your groans. Beloved are you OK?

Wait. Is that you? Are you OK my love? You look....different. Wait. I can fix this. Don't worry. I know you're still in there. I know it's you. Love? Love? I can fix you. I...can.....ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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