Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rest In Peace Aunt (updated slightly)

Well I did this for my grandfather, so I guess I'll do the same for her. My great aunt passed away, April 4th. She was very sick with pneumonia and she may of had a stroke on top of that. She couldn't walk, talk, or even sit up. She went downhill very fast. Her heart even stopped at one point. Eventually doctors decided she should be put in hospice care, because she wasn't going get any better. So she got put into hospice and they unhooked her from everything. Then she passed away.

I talked about her briefly here I think. She always brought birthday and X-mas presents every year. Then she would talk are ears off. I think I might have complained about talking our ears off one year on my birthday here, but I can't find the post. Oh well. All the visiting and closeness sadly stopped when she changed though. I was very angry with her at one point, but I never treated her badly despite my annoyance with her. If anything I cried my eyes out sometimes wondering why she would change so drastically and distance herself from us. It hurt a lot. I think old age and maybe a little unhappiness caused this. Either way I still think fondly of her.

I will never forget her laugh or her voice. Both very unique. I also will never forget the good times we had. Me, grandma, and her. 

I like to think she's up there somewhere saying hi to my grandfather and my grandfather is replying back to her with his booming voice "HI BACK!" This was an ongoing joke between them when he would answer the phone and it was her. I'm pretty sure they greeted each other up in the big old sky like that. lol Hopefully she says hello to my mom too. Probably a pretty freaking entertaining crew now.

But *sigh*.....the funeral is Tuesday. I hate funerals. At the last funeral I screamed for someone to take me home as soon as I saw the body. Was at my grandfather's funeral. That was awful. I still miss him.

I'm numb at the moment. I did cry, but it was briefly. I hid it, because I didn't want to upset my grandmother. I'll save my tears for the funeral like my grandmother is doing.

I do have a few things to do in preparation for this, but I won't be taking a break this time. Well not till Tuesday at least.

Update: Edited because I should hadn't said what I said about certain family members. They do still get on my nerves tho. lol 


  1. im so sorry for your loss :( losing someone is never easy

    1. Thanks Zeri. Means a lot. Also nice to see you. <3


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