Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Face Off Cycle 8- A1 & Scores

I joined this comp, because of the burst of color theme. I love color and I need more happy bright colors in my life atm. Plus Beech is hosting. I also judged the last cycle. 

Despite my judging expertise, I got 4th. Considering there's like 13 other people in this comp I'm perfectly find with this place. :D

4th Place
Nicole Riley

Flamingo!!!! Thank you for thinking outside the box with your pose and your whole idea. Your team went with a fun idea – turning a flamingo into a sort of showgirl! I really like it. I think that just about everything here works beautifully with your idea, although your gloves are more purple than the feathers. Your setting isn’t the most exciting, and I’d have liked maybe more bright lights – resembling Las Vegas. But you really did well with this assignment.

Pink agrees with you. I could tell this was a flamingo without the lit up sign. I love your expression, and your modest amount of make-up. The feather earrings and fans are all very flattering. The lighting is good and so is the lovely shade of turquoise. I find very little to critique in this Ms. Riley. I just wish more of the feathers were in your hair or on your outfit than in your hands. The fan in your hand obscures your outfit, and inquiring minds want to know what you are wearing. Okay, okay, it’s just me that wants to know. Nice job overall!

For once I was able to do my original idea. It just an enhanced version. It evolved overtime. I had took a previous photo, but it look like bedazzled poop compared to this. It was all over the place. Finally settle on this showgirl inspired flamingo.

Why a flamingo? It's pink and pretty. lol I did think about doing a peacock, but someone beat me to it. Didn't take long either. xD

As for editing, I did cut out Nicole to add some shadows and dept to her. She was in the buff with only gloves when I started though. I added the top of a dress to her bust and the feather fans in editing. The bracelet and the earrings are in game, but I added an extra feather to each earring. The necklace is edit in. The feather trim on the gloves is also an added addition. Then the flamingo sign was cut out and added on the walls on the back. I almost didn't add it, because I thought it might be too much. Like a big sign saying "LOOK it's a flamingo inspired photo!" Luckily I did, because the background would have been even more boring without it.

I think the pic overall turned out rather pretty, but I agree with the judges. Especially about the background and adding more lights.

The next assignment is to do a bejeweled metal Nicole like the example here....

I have some tricks and CC up my sleeve. Hopefully it works. >_<

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