Friday, March 17, 2017

DARK SHADOWZ CYCLE 11~ A1 and Scores *UPDATED with Story*

Joined another comp since I've been stuck in the house and things have been a bit stressful lately with the family. I'll explain here in a separate post, but my dad has been recovering from eye surgery and my aunt has been extremely ill. Just needed a good distraction.

2nd Place
Vid & Sam Prince
95 points

Photo Quality: 4.5/5
Model Appearance: 5/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 9.5/10
Gothic Appeal: 9/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 9/10
Total: 47/50
This is an excellent start to the competition. I love your creativity with photos – you were made for these kinds of competitions!! I really enjoy the amount of detail you always put into your shots. Okay, enough about the photo…that story? OMG it was a great one! You wrote very well (again, no surprise), and you were SO creative. I was intrigued by the very mention of the man in a large black hat and he is posed so wonderfully in this shot. I will say this…he ordered whiskey…yet he’s holding a beer. Lol loved it anyway!

Photo Quality: 5/5
Model Appearance: 4.5/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 9/10
Gothic Appeal: 9.5/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 8/10
Total: 46/50
The minute I’d read your story, I wanted to lift up his hat to see his eyes, which I know wasn’t in the brief, but the story was very engaging and I enjoyed reading it. The skeletal smoke was a clever touch and the heart with the knife really added to this shot along with the bodies strewn around the room. Well done! His bloody arm, however is just a touch overdone I felt. The quality and originality of his appearance is excellent.

I really don't feel like talking about every detail of this, but it was an last minute idea and a pain to edit. My original pic and idea look pretty shitty. Didn't make sense either. Not enough to put into words. lol Almost dropped out from frustration of it all, but I got it together.

The assignment was to hide Sam's face and tell a creepy tale about it basically. My final idea was inspired by the western genre. I was watching the show, Face Off and my favorite team did a western character. An idea just started forming then.

All the blood and gore is edit. The one blood puddle on the floor is cc. The cigarette and smoke is edit. I could used a cc cig, but I maxed out my accessories. The hat and poncho is cc. 77 sims and simsimi-only-mine has some great stuff. Then the dog painting in the back is mineeeeeee! At VK20 Customs. I might update it one day, so all the painting are in one package.

My only regret is that damn beer. lol I'm not a drinker and the glass look good enough for me after googling whiskey glasses for a hour. xD

The next assignment is to depict Sam's losing something such as someone, something, or himself. Did it yesterday early. Has even more extras than this, so ughhhhh all the posing.

Forgot the story. 😅


He came in at the quarter of midnight. A new face none of the regulars recognized. He dressed in unusual clothes and had a purple mop of hair under a big black hat. He sat down at the bar. All eyes were on him, but he didn't seem to mind or notice.

He ordered his drink like any other customer. His drink of choice was our strongest whiskey. No hesitation or fear crossed what little I could see on his face under the hat. He sat there studying it before downing it in one gulp. He didn't seem like a drinker, but he proved me wrong with such a display. The regulars seem to take notice as they whispered watching him from their seats.

Only one patron decided to confront him. A big burly guy looking for trouble. He sat beside him and pushed him while shooting off at the mouth. The mysterious stranger only laughed. A strange mischievous laugh that sent shivers down my spine. The crew of tough regulars unfortunately didn't take it too well. They crowded around him ready to pick a fight.

Well I knew trouble when I saw it. I had work too many nights at that the bar not to know. I decided to save the strange lad by calling the cops. Just the mere sight of them could calm things down. It would save me the headache of paying for the mess as well. So I went in the back to do so for only a moment and when I returned I couldn't believe my eyes.

It was a bloodbath like I've never seen. Bodies sprawled everywhere and blood decorated the walls. I looked at the stranger who sat calmly where I had left him. I then noticed a bloody human heart laid next to him on the counter with a knife sticking out of it. I made a face of disgust, but he seemed unfazed. In fact, he lit up a cigarette and order another drink to my surprise. He seemed completely unaffected by the massacre before us. Only when I stood there in shock rather than make his drink did he show some emotion. He seemed more annoyed than anything. Finally I got up the courage to ask him who he was and what he had done. He smiled blowing smoke in my face. Then words slip from his mouth that shook me to my core.

He simply said, "I'm The Devil. A Soul Collector. I'm Death." Then he got up, took his knife, and left out the door never to be seen again. Not even the police could find him. He was the devil in a black hat.

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