Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So about that stressful family stuff....

Well I'll stat off with my dad since he's better and back at work. He finally got his cataract surgery done. He's suppose to get his droopy eye lids lifted too eventually, but the cataracts is more of an issue of course. I would have said something, but after the debacle with his insurance company last time I figure I should wait and see if it actually happen this time. Thankfully it did. He got cataracts off of one eye and he was off for two weeks again. The first day was kinda weird for him since he couldn't sleep, but he was surprised by how little pain he was in. By the 2nd day, he was walking around without the patch and he wouldn't stop talking about how clear that one eye was compared to his other. He was literally smiling ear to ear. Actually for those 2 weeks, he was super happy and he was getting really comfortable hanging out at home. When it came time for him to go to work he kept saying how much he was going miss us all. It was so sweet. 😊 TBH, I thought he was going be cranky those 2 weeks, but he was delightful. I miss him now, because he's at work. Haha, that's not unusual though. xD

B/w Roxie was in heaven having him home all day. She adores him. I'm always finding those two napping in the chair together. It's adorable. 💗

Now for the awful sad news that I've been putting off mentioning via blog post. My aunt a.k.a my grandmother's sister is in the hospital. She was rushed to the hospital a couple weeks ago. One of more sane cousins (her son) said she was out of it, coughing, slurring her words and couldn't stand. Sound like a stroke among other things to us, but they just diagnosed her with pneumonia. Me and everyone in my household still think a stoke was involved, because she still can't talk or walk. When she speaks it's not really words, but they keep insisting it just pneumonia. I'm not going argue with my cousins about it. None of us personally don't like the hospital she's in, but meh.

Anyway, the other night her heart stopped. She's been in and out of ICU twice already. I wish they would just keep her there, because every time they move her she gets worse. The heart stopping thing really makes me think her days are numbered though. I can't see her living much longer. If she makes it out of that hospital, her quality of life is going be poor due to her condition anyway. She'll probably end up in a nursing home. They already talking about her being wheel chair bound.

So like I'm trying to mentally prepared myself for the worse. I also want to make sure my grandmother will be ok. They use to be really close. I was close to her too as a kid. We were distant these past few years, but I was always happy to see and talk to her even when she changed. I don't know, but she just seem really unhappy and maybe a little jealous of us in recent years. We all just chalked it up to old age, but I wish I could have hung out with the sweet caring person she use to be before she got sick. I would have even took cranky her. I almost visited her before she fell ill. It makes me sad to think about it.

She's not gone yet, so I'll try not to think of her as being gone yet. It's nice to think back though to when she use to visit all the time and bring birthday presents. Then she would just pop up sometimes to talk. Me, my grandmother, and her would even go shopping sometimes. It was so nice. It's sad she's gotten this way. It's sad it may end this way.

I really hope my grandmother will be ok. Such a strong women. I don't know if I can bear to see her sad again. Going try keep on making her laugh while things look grim.

It's weird too since another one of more down to earth cousins (her oldest granddaughter) visit just a few month ago with her kids. She kept saying it sucks we only see each other at funerals. *sigh*

Most my cousins are stuck up and frustrating by the way. Heck even her husband. Especially now. They rarely call to update and they are just so fake. The thought of looking at them at a possible funeral is depressing enough. It's going be a f***king mess. They don't even get along with each other. They make us look like the perfect family. We're definitely more sane. >_>

Anywhooo, that's what I've been dealing with. Just going bury my head into things that make me happy and keep the mood up while things are in limbo. At least my dad vision should be crystal clear by the summer. That' something to look forward to.

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  1. Hi there! Sorry to read about your Aunt. Your post has given me hope though. My Dad is due to go in for cataract surgery too and we've all been so worried about it. Feel better reading that your Dad recovered so quickly! Dad's having a bladeless laser procedure so we're hoping it'll be a quick recovery!


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