Friday, March 24, 2017

DARK SHADOWZ CYCLE 11~ A2 and Scores

2nd Place
Vid & Sam Prince
90 points

Someone said my pic looks like Sims City: CSI, so....

Photo Quality: 5/5
Model Appearance: 4/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 9/10
Gothic Appeal: 7.5/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 8.5/10
Total: 44/50
You have such an amazing knack for creating full photos with so much detail. I love that about you! Your story is also a nice idea. I like the thought process behind this and I really like that you wrote it from a ghost’s perspective. It made for a fun read. Great job.

Photo Quality: 4/5
Model Appearance: 4/5
Background/Setting: 5/5
Overall Composition: 5/5
Creativity/Originality: 9.5/10
Gothic Appeal: 8/10
Creativity of Mini Story: 8.5/10
Total: 44/50
Your story was engaging and I found the confusion of Sam so well written. The ending was a bit predictable but it was so well written. The layers you must have used for this would have been many and you made a great effort to really set the scene up beautifully. The two cops chatting at the back, the forensic officer, the police taking the shot and your own body both on the floor and the doorway with death tapping on your shoulder in black and white really set up the composition well. The black mist swirling around his feet really added to the ghostly effect. I noticed the border of the shot you added in the doorway. Next time perhaps use the cloning tool and continue the misty background right to the top so it doesn’t look quite as placed.

2nd again! xD

No real inspiration except I wanted to do something really dark and I wanted to tell it from a different point of view. Well this is my original idea for assignment 1, so there's that. I just turned it around since his face didn't need to be hidden in this. It allowed me to show all the little details of a crime scene without having to blur it out like I was originally going do with the back of Sam's big head blocking part of it while he looked in.

Most of the editing is minor stuff. I did everything in-game mostly. Even most of the clutter is in-game cc. The stains, the camera flash, the veins, the beer bottles and the smokey b&w effect are edit in stuff though. 

None of poses are mine, because agh I wasn't making that many. No way. 

I must admit the doorway effects was a happy accident that I end up liking. Didn't plan for it to look black and white. I should have covered the ceiling in the back there with smoke, but oh well.

The next assignment is to depict Sam as the undead.
Zombie skin and gore is a go. 👌

Now for the story. I totally forgot to add that to the last dark shadowz post, but that's been fixed.

"Where am I?" the question I asked myself when I awoke. Something wasn't right. This place. Had I seen this place before? It sure seemed familiar, but something's felt wrong. I was neither here or there. Was I dreaming?

The doorway where I stood sure looked familiar. The room before it too. I peered in seeing what looked like a messy living room and a boy laying on the floor. He looked unconscious. Was he alive? I called out to him, but he didn't stir. I felt concerned. I felt like I knew him.

Then police showed up. Some in their traditional uniforms and some in lab coats. They passed by me without even a glance. I was happy to see they were interested in helping the boy, but a sudden sadness came over me. It was almost unbearable. Like I knew the outcome and this person was someone to me.

From the looks on their faces I knew I had to be right. The boy was gone. We loss him. They took pictures and began to rope off the room with yellow tape. I step forward hoping to get a closer look. Hoping to see his face.

I glided pass the cops and the examiners. No one seem to notice. No one stopped me. I bent down and looked at his face. I couldn't see it at first, but now I could see why I felt like I knew him. His face....his face...looked like mine.

I backed away towards the doorway. The shock of seeing him...or me made the room spin. It was all coming back to me. This room. This place. What I had done. It all came back to me. This was my apartment. Those were my needles and pills. Then the dead body...well it was mine.

I suddenly felt cold. Colder I ever felt before. I also felt strangely light. Like I was floating. I then felt a hand on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear saying "Its time." Time? Already? Wasn't there so much more to this life? If only I could have saved the boy. If only I could have saved myself.

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