Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Edgars Legacy: Love is in the Air!

OMG I haven't played in ages. I merged all my CC again and I tweaked reshade so it wouldn't lag the game. It was super laggy when I turned it on. Anyway, I'm using Fraps to take pics now so you can see the reshade effects and sharpness. I'm still learning how to use it properly when I'm playing. I keep forgetting to hit tab so the game tags and interface won't be included. So excuse the name tags in some pics.

Sigma and Daniel are getting along swimmingly. 

Sigma loves her hover board.

Nic: *looks at Sigma and Daniel* brother is so weird.
I cheated. >_< I didn't feel like going back to the future to hunt down chips and crap, so I used Nraas to get the love chip. 
Daniel is loving the new improvements.
He got a call for a date with a human, but she turned out to be a old bag. xD
So back to his robot. 
So cool. A hologram computer. :o
Time to charge.
Nic: Dear Luna. I can't wait to see you and get away from my weird robot loving brother. Sincerely, Nic.
Katherine looked out the window and peeped out a new face.
It was Lucas Damon.
My glam rock vampire rockstar from the short-lived comp Vampire Academy. 
It was love at first sight. (I was hoping it would be)
Awwww I was literally dying of happiness. Finally the attraction systems works in my favor.
Sigma hover boarding spying. lol
Katherine: Ew my brothers are home.
Katherine: Yep. Speak of the creepy brother.
Nic: I just finished working out. Who the f is this dude?
Katherine: Well since you're here... (what is that smell?), meet my "friend", Lucas.
Lucas: Em...nice smell.
Katherine than ran down the street to the bar with her date. Probably to avoid the awkwardness.
I'm so mad I forgot to hit the tab button on these. Anyway....
Things got really hot with some slow dancing. 

Sealed with a kiss.
Drinking some hemoglobin shooters (actual name of the drink). 
More making-out. Get a room you two!
Stupid name thing. Haha they could trade makeup secrets. I love these two tho. They're so self-adsorbed. xD
They parted ways shortly after. It was a great date.
Meanwhile, Sigma chose to watch some tv with Snowflake, the gnome.
Daniel heard his ex-wife got remarried with a baby on the way.
He got super handsy with his creation and they kissed.
Time for a tune up after that steaminess.
I don't know how to feel about their relationship. It's kind of creepy. lol

What no more Nic pics you say? Well I plan on sending him off on a date with Luna next time. I want some babies, so someone going get pregnant soon. Maybe not Sigma or Daniel, but someone. The new relationships really freshen things up, so I'm excited to play again. Good ol Sims 3. 

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