Tuesday, September 27, 2016

International Glamour - A8 Scores

Bottom 3 (was in random order)
Noni Eze of Nigeria
*mumbles* Not my best, but I like it ok.

Noni is a beautiful pinup and that is an excellent pose. I love the hair choice, but I do think that the setting is and wardrobe is a little off. No, I didn’t specify “vintage pinup” but to be honest, I wouldn’t have known this was a pinup photo if I hadn’t created the assignment. It’s got more of a sexy bar fly thing going on. But, that being said, this is a beautiful photo with crisp quality and a gorgeous look.

Noni looks beautiful here and her hair is very pinup style. I like that you decided to do an in game background and it works wonderfully with your theme but for a pub it feels a little empty. There appears to be a slight quality issue with her shorts but I'm just being picky. Nice job.

I wanted her posed up on a bar with a nice scenery in the background (like in the doorway), but I couldn't get the pose right and it frustrated me. The pose looked stupid no matter what I tried. I think if I could have gotten a good example of it on google, I could have done it. I ended using a pose from pin-up pose pack I awhile back, but I tweaked it for this specific pic. I might redo that pose pack one day.

Anyway, the outfits and the flower was a part of my original idea. I think the shorts would have looked better standing up. The bar also was suppose to be nicer, but my time management sucks.

Ironic the pin-up assignment trips me up. I think I put too much pressure on myself really. It's a nice photo, but it can be better.

The next assignment is to do a black & white photo with a glamorous dress. Speaking of time management it's due today (now that it's after 12)! Last minute is my middle name! >_<

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