Monday, September 26, 2016

Fantasy Fashion Cycle 3- A7/Finale. I won by default! Woo! LOL!


I literally have no scores to show, because JK was a no show and I won by default. I would rather win by having a fair fight, but I'll take it. I do love my pic A LOT, so I think I did well. The judges really liked it. :)

As for the inspiration, I wanted do something Greek since I did pic based off a greek faiytale/love story a couple assignments ago. I've done the typical savage warrior type, so I wanted to do something super pretty too. Plus I knew I could pull off high fashion with this theme. 

I wanted her to look like a Greek god. I also wanted to use that helmet she's wearing really badly, so I hunted for days and days for the perfect outfit for it. Finally I settled on this gold bodysuit, so I could use this pose. I wanted a dress, but I hate how some dresses warp when you use certain poses. Then the shoes are EVERYTHING! OMG I love them!

Everything was sorta last minute, because finding the perfect outfit and pose took some time. I got lucky finding this background.  The editing wasn't too bad. I did it really fast, but I don't think I messed up or anything. It consisted of mostly cutting her and placing her on this beautiful background.

The next assignment is NOTHING! Duh! Beech convinced/harrassed me to do another one of her comps tho. lol I'm kinda excited since it's a story comp. Hopefully it doesn't effect my writing for Dead On Arrival. 

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