Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Simply Twisted Cycle 1-- Sign up NOW!

Welcome to the 1st cycle of Simply Twisted! The revamped and co-ed version of my infamous competition, Little Miss Twisted. Much like LMT, this is a competition where the assignments are a little bit twisted. Some assignments will be downright wicked and some may be typical modeling shots, but let's just say something will always be a bit sinister about them. So expect assignments ranging from Gothic, grunge, and various alternative styles when signing up. As for your models, I'm looking for dark, brooding, and the slightly insane! The more insane and beautiful, the better! So don't be afraid! Just be disturbed and delighted as this will be one hell of a ride! Are you brave enough?

-Sincerely, your mysterious host

Sims 3 & 4 sims allowed! Male & Female!
Supernatural sims are allowed, but make sure you pick a sim can adjust to different looks and themes.

Sign up at Simmetry Design or the Officials in TS4 modeling!

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