Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fantasy Fashion Cycle 3- A6 Scores

1st Place
87 points
Peppermint patty is here to save the day! Poor Vince of DOA got caught stealing from the candy store and got bopped on the head. LOL! 

I am 99.9% happy with this photo. :D

87 points


Photo Quality: 9/10
Photo Presentation: 8/10
Creativity: 10/10
High Fashion: 14/15
Judge's Personal Preference: 5/5
Total: 46/50
You definitely did the candy thing here and I ADORE that giant lollipop! Your styling is great and the action that so obviously took place is perfect for the “superhero” thing. I love the purple brick wall too, but I’m not loving that dumpster in the background and the fact that it GREATLY detracts from the candy-sweet vibe the rest of the image has. But I loved this!


Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 7/10
Creativity: 10/10
High Fashion: 13/15
Judge's Personal Preference: 3/5
Total: 41/50
Vid I love your styling as ever and the pose is very superheroish and I love how she's got candy as her super weapon! I also love the editing of the cape however your background isn't doing any favours I feel like it is rather cluttered and distracting.. Ali your editing to the right (the dumpster area looks rather unnatural) lovely styling though! 

This photo was kind of a pain in the ass, but it was also really fun. Like the editing and whole idea in general was pretty fun. Looking for CC and background wasn't tho. xD

Anyway, I had planned to put her in a really sexy outfit. Then I settled for cute and fun styling, which probably was for the best. I wanted to use a candy with red in it. I almost chose chocolate covered cherries as my grandmother loves those, but I end up picking peppermint when I changed over to cute styling. Plus this EA dress was too perfect not to use once I recolored it. Then I got some hair to match the silliness and I found a huge lollipop. :D The styling was the easy part really once I had the cc I needed.

I did make the pose, which was sorta annoying to do since I didn't feel like making any. I'm glad it turned out well.

The background was the real pain in the buttocks tho. I wanted to do a candy themed background with bright colors, but I had to settle with what I had. The dumpster section of the background is stock. I tried making it cartoony, but meh it didn't work out too well. If only I had brought Katy Perry's Barf Pack.

Overall, editing the candy in and just having Vince do a cameo was the real part that made me most smile. Then seeing it all together looking adorable made me squee with the delight. It also made me hungry for candy. :P

Well the next assignment was to make her into a fierce fashion warrior, but I did it other day. I am pleased as pie with it. I just hope it scores well and the comp doesn't abruptly end with a dropout. Hopefully JK is ok. :/

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