Monday, August 29, 2016

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 3 (Part 1 of 2)

Warning: Graphic and suicidal themes in content below. It's not really that bad, but just in case.

Also apologies for being late posting it here. I got kind of distracted and it's a pain copying/pasting it here.

Chapter 3: What lurks in the dark (Part 1 of 2)
I found my way to my uncle’s bunker. My father was no where in sight, but my uncle was there. Well what was left of him. I found his corpse resting upon a wall in the shed. His body laid next to the door of the bunker and a gun laid by his side. Half his head was blown off. Blood splattered the walls. He had shot himself in the head. I couldn’t bring myself to move his corpse. His body rots in the shed to this day. I pass it by every time I come out this shithole. I guess that’s when it all began. When I became numb. When I forgotten what loneliness was. What fear was.
Nothing scared me anymore. Not even the zombies. I made my way up the stairs into the night. The air was cool on my skin. The sound of rustling leaves, crickets, and moans filled my eardrums. The zombies were more dangerous at night, but I wasn’t afraid. I found one not to far from the shed. It’s face frozen in a ghastly grimace. It’s clothes and hair caked in blood.
I took out my katana. The blade reflected the night sky as it sliced into its flesh. Blood splattered on my face. It would be my camouflage tonight. The zombs couldn’t detect me if I coated myself with its guts. It was something I learned during the few months I was here. You’ll be surprised what you learn when you’re facing death.
Speaking of death, the night had a brought a new crop of zombies to my doorstep. They shuffled around moaning completely oblivious of my presence. I would have to get rid of them despite the odd feeling of company they gave me. It was just part of the job I guess. Part of surviving.
I made quick work of them all in record timing. It was both a peaceful and exhilarating exercise. Everything seemed to be going right that evening. A nice long walk and a few kills before bed. Nothing unusual. As I walked a little further to examine the near by creek I heard footsteps. I stopped in my tracks wondering if it was my imagination. I heard nothing then. I walked a little further changing directions and the footsteps started again. I turned around abruptly hoping to catch my stalker, but I saw nothing that indicated their presence. Was it a zombie? No. The footsteps were definitely from the living. They stopped when I stopped. A mindless creature couldn’t have done that.

I hid behind a tree listening. My stalker seemed to be moving again, but his footsteps were frantic now. Had he lost track of me? A voice answered my question.

“Hello?” a man voice called out. “I know you’re there.”

I said nothing. He continued, “I thought you might be lost or hurt. Are you?” he asked slyly.

I didn’t answer.

“You’re alone right? I’m coming over, so don’t move. If you’re smart you won’t.”
I heard his footsteps come closer. I hesitated to move. He didn’t sound friendly. Anybody out this late was up to no good and I knew all too well what humans were capable of nowadays. Plus why was he following me?

Should I confront him or should I run?“

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