Tuesday, August 16, 2016

International Glamour - A6 Scores

5th Place 
Ugh I love this photo, but I f'd up with the emotion part. Dang it !>_<

Gah! I hate that I have to lower your rank because this image is a very beautiful image. It’s sweet and serene and nicely put together. However…I don’t get a strong emotion here. The idea of a wedding should definitely exude something, but Noni’s expression (what we can see of it) looks like she’s plotting something devious and her body language is statuesque. I liked the image, but I didn’t get any real emotion from it.

This is my favorite wedding dress ever made for Sims 3 to be honest. Ace is going to wear it when he marries Cameron! Kudos on posing with that umbrella too because that umbrella is a pain in the ass to get poses to work with. But I love it, I love everything about this. She looks shy and sad and the picture kind of seems to tell a story. I like that it's all in-game too, you know how I love in-game piccies! The only complaint I could think of is that the background is very green. When I think of people dressed in wedding dresses, I think flowers! There are some really pretty CC dandelions that have popped up on Tumblr that I think would have looked so cute. Or the base game pink hydrangeas would bring more of that cherry blossom tree color into the picture. But as such, it's just very green. You nailed fashion and emotion though!

I agree with the comments. Especially about the emotion part. She was suppose to be this shy maiden evoking shyness, but it came off too subtle. I blame the umbrella and the pose. I made the pose, but the umbrella kind of limited what I could of done with the pose and it was just a pain in the ass as Vana said.

I might of chose a different emotion too if I had the time. People are always calling me shy and my screen name on certain gaming platforms is shymaiden, so I was like ehhh why not? Fun fact of the day by the way.

As for all the green, I'm literally just noticing how green it is. I think the CC grass hypnotized me and made me not put flowers. xD

Other than that, I'm happy with it. It turned like I wanted. I'm tempted to get anime tattoo like that.

The next assignment was to do an outdoor photo making it the 2nd in the row for me. I did it yesterday rather quickly. I had her ready and dressed for a week now, but it took me forever to think of a setting. Once I thought of one, it didn't take me long to build it and shoot the photo. Hopefully the judges like it. Feel like it's kind of risky. Wish me luck. ^_^

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