Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Canvas A2 Scores

Assignment 2- Zodiac Signs 
Not my best, but I don't think it's my worse. 

Relevance 10
Composition 7
Quality 7
Effort 8
Creativity 7
Total: 39
Comments: I love the bold colors, I love the sky, and I love the symbols. I love the abstract feel of the place she is in; like an astral desert. However, I think the picture would have been even better without the crab at the bottom.

Vidkid20: 35/50
Relevance: 10/10
Composition: 6/10
Quality: 8/10
Effort: 6/10
Creativity: 5/10

I came in last with this. I expected it, because was so last minute and I only spent a few minutes on it. I couldn't really think of anything when I did have the time. I probably should picked an easier sign, but I'm a caner and it seemed fitting.

Not much to explain with editing. It's in-game, but I did make fancier looking of course. Then you know the signs and obvious pasted in crab is editing.

I don't hate it. I just expected to flop on this one. xD

The next assignment is to recreate a famous piece of art and with your own creative spin. I got an idea of what type of art, but I need to find a good painting that speaks to me. :P

P.S. Now I leave you with this gem....

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