Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Canvas A1 Scores

I can't believe I forgot to post this. >_< Anyway, JK started up Canvas again on Simmetry Design. 

1st Place
The assignment was to build a room of your choice and take a photo. My room is based off a movie I watched last month called Crimson Peak. ^_^

Relevance 10
Composition 9
Quality 8
Effort 8
Creativity 9
Total: 44
Comments: I love that you managed to have a sim in the picture without my focus being drawn to her. In fact I didn't see her right off the bat, and it adds to the sort of still life feel I was hoping for. I don't like a lot of empty floor in my int. design pics, but there is still a lot of detail in this pic. There is this realy interesting simmetry going on in the middle of the pic which is really cool.

Relevance 10/10
Composition 10/10
Quality 9/10
Effort 9/10
Creativity 9/10
Comments: A sim! A sim! Hold the phones it's a sim! Yay! I'm so happy a sim was included in this photo, and even happier that they seem to be doing something. The stories I could tell about this picture... Oh so many stories. Is she snickering? Conversing with a mysterious being? Watching for someone specific out the window? And more importantly, all of these scenarios wouldn't have been possible if not for your decor choices. It was those choices that lead me down mystery alley. The skull in the birdcage for example, did this belong to the body of an ex lover? Is it simply a poetic decoration? Augh, I love that I can let my imagination run wild with this. I just love the way that everything was positioned in a way to draw your eye to the center of the image, and not without purpose. There's actually someone there to look at and wonder about! I could really go on all day about this picture but I'm going to force myself to stop. Lovely story telling, great colors, fantastic composition. Very, very, very well done.
Total: 91

I would like to think the sim at the window is a witch. xD But ahahaha I love the comments. This was also last mintue and literally done the same day before I went to bed. Can't believe I scored so high considering. Ehhh I did have the idea of doing a Victorian inspired room from the get go, so I guessed that helped. Plus I'm a fast with building sometimes.

The next assignment was to do an zodiac inspired photo. I did Cancer of course. Vana made a comment about my model having crabs though, so now all I can think about is that when I look at it. ROFL! She's getting me back for laughing at her accidental baton peen pic probably. She's so silly. :P

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