Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Don't judge me!!! I HAD join this comp! I once started a comp like this, but it never took off so to be able to compete in something like this myself seem too good to be true. 

1st Vid and Demetrio Cruz
141/150 points - 47/50 average

Mock: Supernatural Teen Drama
Starring Britney Scott and Demetrio Cruz
After her mother's untimely death, Lucy Turner and her father decide to move to the small town of Lupin to start a new life. The intelligent and modest Lucy then begins attending Lunar High where she meets a handsome jock (Tyler Lucas) who takes a keen interest in her. As she begins to fall for the seemingly normal athlete she starts hanging out with the wrong crowd. The young man's group of friends who called themselves "The Pack." A rowdy clique with odd rituals and even odder behavior who practically run the school. Maybe even the town. Only time will tell how deep and dark their secret is and how far she'll go to follow her heart. Will Lucy survive The Pack?

Ioanna (Jake)
Creativity: 17/20
Response: 10/10
Quality: 5/5
Overall Image: 14/15
Total: 46/50
Demetrio, I love how distinct your shot is – you have this quality about your shot and this design that I would always be able to recognize your work and this photo is no exception. The use of Lucy draws your attention front and center to her and your model and there is still movement and activity in the background which really makes this seem like the perfect promo shot. I really, really love this shot and I think you did great. One thing that could have given it just that extra edge would be if you were making eye contact and winking at the camera with a sly little smirk – I think it would have just given it a little bit of extra attitude to jazz up the photo.

Simon St. Claire (Joe):
Creativity: 19/20
Response: 10/10
Quality: 5/5
Overall Image: 14/15
Total: 48/50
Demetrio aren’t you the dish! I adore this shot. For me, it hits every note the Network asked for. It’s clearly teen-skewing, your actor looks great, there’s a great blend of the teenage with the supernatural – the jocks being the wolf pack. I love your nails, I love the jackets. I’m a big fan of your work this round. Did someone say second series?

Melina Ross (Mizzie):
Creativity: 18/20
Response: 10/10
Quality: 5/5
Overall Image: 14/15
Total: 47/50
For a minute there I almost couldn't tell what this was about! I finally guessed werewolf after observing the features closer, then by taking a look at the info. Your crew did a great job putting this all together, so give them a pat on the back! Great location, wardrobe/makeup, and a wonderful shot by your camera crew; it is nicely balanced and captures everything so well. And even though there is so much going on, you are still front and center, Demetrio, catching the camera with your piercing gaze. Wonderful job!

Very happy to get 1st of course! I'm very happy with my photo and the main two poses I made for this specific photo. It turned out exactly like I wanted. I had originally wanted to do sorta of a death note or grim reaper sort of story tho, but it sounded like an adult manga rather than a teen drama. So I decided to go with something less complex. Werewolves! Also the idea of a supernatural gang headed by Mr. Gorgeous here.

So my piccie, for the most part, is inspired The Lost Boys, Teen Wolf, and maybe Vampire Diaries (don't watch it really). I think my show is a mixture both of the first two tho with a pinch of romance like Vampire Diaries.

I must say the setting was the biggest pain to do, but it looked awesome after fiddling with the color scheme. Did some cool things with editing too to get a glossier and moody feel.

Getting Demetri to look like a teen was also a challenge with him being all super manly like, but less facial hair and jock clothes helped.

I'm not going promise to release the poses because I suck at promises when it comes to CC. I'll just say that maybe one day I can release them in some sort of fashion when I'm not busy.

The next assignment was to do a Crime Drama. I don't watch those type of shows, so I was out of my element. Just kind of winged it while being inspired by Rush Hour and Miami Vice. It looks neat. Hopefully, the judges think it's cool. xD

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