Friday, July 28, 2017

DOA Katana Pose Pack

Decided to release these. Since things are slow lately I figured I could post it here and archive it later on my actual cc blog. Nobody will probably use these, but at least they're available just in case. We need more storytelling poses imo.

This pose pack consists of 6 single poses. They all require this katana sword here. Well, you can use them without it, but it might look a little funny. :P

Inspiration: My Dead On Arrival Story, which can be read via this tag here. I made them specifically for this katana sword and my character, Audrey. She’s like Michonne in Walking Dead, but cuter. xD Anyway, I’ve been hoarding these and I felt like I should play nice and share.

Known Issues: None really. The right leg on the last pose looks weird, but those specific rip pants might be why. Barely noticeable.

Other info: 
-It has a pose list. I like pose list.

-Here’s the sword link again in case you missed it. Click here!

-You may need to learn how to spell katana if you want to type them out. I like naming poses so I know what the fuck it is, so get to learning. xD

That’s about it. If you have any problems, please do yell at me at via comments or my chatbox so I can fix it.

Pose Codes:


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