Friday, July 28, 2017

Face Off All Stars (Cycle 9)- A2 & Scores

Top 3- 1st Place
Nicole by Vid
I really can't believe I got 1st. Really. lol 

Wowza girl! You look like a woman I don’t wanna mess with! Your eye contact is phenomenal and you look like you’re about to start some real trouble! I love it. I love that you also went with a mystical and magical kind of darkness – that was unique and appreciated. I love the colors in this shot too! Your team nailed this.

Ok Vid, you aced this one. I understand it when I look at it. She is some kind of evil watch. She has a dark and fierce look about her as if she is ‘casting a spell’. I see her holding a cracked crystal ball which kind of symbolized some mystery and darkness along with the skull in it. Very creepy!!! I like the addition of the purple colour in your picture. It seems a picture doesn't have to be black or dark in colour to be my favourite picture this round! Nicely done.

This wasn't my original idea tbh. I wanted to do a voodoo type of theme with my pic, but I sorta felt like voodoo is already sorta dark in nature and darkness can't consume something already rooted in darkness. (I know nothing about voodoo other than movies, so apologies if I'm wrong). xD So I started gravitating to a fortune teller type of theme. I had planned to build a set with the store crystal ball and have her posed sitting down with tarot cards, but that didn't work either. I have no idea how to import store content into the blender thing I make poses with. Soooo I decided to just edit a crystal ball into her hand and simplify things background wise after stressing about it for a day or two.

I guess you can say my fortune teller got possessed by the power of the crystal ball and the spirits she conjured up. That's my take anyway.

Then the rest just was me editing in stuff seeing what worked and what didn't. I'm surprised any of it worked. Thank heaven for google images.

B/w I almost did a pic with her naked in the water being consumed by darkness with one eye completely black, but I don't think it would have worked as well with the high fashion requirement. Didn't turn out well when I tried it either.  ðŸ˜…

The next assignment is to do a high fashion pin-up. I love the theme and even based a whole comp on it, but last time I did a pin-up myself I failed miserably. 😓 I shall redeem myself! 💪 Hopefully...

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