Friday, July 14, 2017

Face Off All Stars (Cycle 9)- A1 & Scores

No this isn't some lost assignment from last cycle or Deja Vu. I got back on the horse and joined Face Off again and since it was All-Stars I thought it would be more appropriate to use Nicole again. She wants her crown dammit!!!! I also blame Beech for forcefully reserving me. xD

Top 3- 2nd Place
Nicole by Vid
All the assignments will be callbacks from previous cycles so you may see some familiar themes. This photo here is actually a lot like I wanted for A2 of last cycle minus the crystals. I'm pretty proud of it. 😊

Man…the copper and gold colors look fabulous on your skin tone. You remind me of a Go Go Dancer who is rocking the club scene. You look great. I don’t have a lot to criticize…Maybe the width of the necklace? It kidna makes your neck look a little squatty, but overall, your team nailed this.

So you went metal to the max. Great job. I love the hair I love her high fashion look to go with it. I think you probably could have got away with some of the gold because it stands out really well. Some little details probably weren’t needed as much. The sizing on the necklace makes her neck look a little thick though, that’s my only critique. Other than that the gold is beautiful and so is your model.

Yeah, the necklace wasn't the best idea. I was inspired by copper, so I wanted to include copper wires. I had planned to do more of an elaborate thing with copper wires, but I threw that idea out thankfully. I do wish I had just let the copper wire thing go. Oh well. xP

Other than that, that's the only complaint it seems. I'm thrilled since I was super nervous about the hair. I fiddled with a lot of hair stock to get the hair like that. I was sure they were going pick at it somehow. I guess I did a good job.😄 B/w the hair is part cc and ponytail portion under the gold bracelet is the stock part.

I spent most my time on the hair actually. The rest was the usual business. Her dress is cc and was the perfect color, so I didn't even touch that part really. Saved me a lot of time. Everything from the neck up is added in. I even used actual gold flakes for her eyeshadow (they didn't have copper, so meh close enough). Then the background was edited to death to fit the color scheme.

I think that's it.

The next assignment is to have our models be "consumed by darkness". In other words, bwhahahahaha right up my alley. 😈 My only concern is Nicole being dark. I've never gone dark with her before. Should be interesting.

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