Friday, July 28, 2017

Starring Role: A1 & Scores

1st Vid and Demetrio Cruz
94.5/100 points - 47.25/50 average

A1: Crime Drama
Infamous: Crimes of the Rich and Famous
Starring Demetrio Cruz & Terrance Knight
By the book, Detective Carter (played by Cruz) gets transferred to the swanky city of Los Angeles where he's partnered up with TJ (played by Knight). A flashy uncovered cop with an eye for fame and a habit of recklessness. In the pilot, the two set aside their differences and team up to solve the case of a murdered movie producer at a posh estate. There they meet a cast of suspects fit for a soap opera. The producer's famous actress wife, Beverly Vance, the Butler, and the wife's pool boy lover, but only one seems to fit the bill. Will evidence prove the pool boy's innocence? Did the butler do it? Or do we have a Hollywood scandal brewing with Beverly Vance as the star suspect? No matter the case, Carter will seek justice amongst the glitz and glam. Find out on the pilot episode, "In The Deep End."

Simon St. Claire (Joe):Creativity: 20/20
Response: 9/10
Quality: 5/5
Overall image: 14/15
Total: 48/50
Demetrio you went with a brilliant script. I love it: it’s camp, it’s fun and it’s undoubtedly in the crime genre. For me, I love the extras – they were incredible, but Demetrio is firm and centre. There’s such a Miami vibe to this shot, especially in your styling and the glimpse of the pool. I just love it. I do have one or two things that I think could have been executed better: I would’ve loved there to be a bit more of a dramatic lighting and I’m not in love totally with your posing, Demetrio, but I understand your choice .I’d have preferred you to be facing the lens. Overall, though, you’ve blown me away again!

Melina Ross (Mizzie):Creativity: 19/20
Response: 9/10
Quality: 4.5/5
Overall Image: 14/15
Total: 46.5/50
Wow Demetrio! Your crew definitely hit the ball out of the park with this scene right here. All of the extras and objects are nicely placed and tell the story with just one glance. Your makeup and effects crew did a great job with the murder scene as well, and I can't wait to see the pilot episode! My only nitpick is that the scene is incredibly bright, which makes it hard to focus on you. If your editors or lighting crew had adjusted the lighting to focus on you while balancing it everywhere else, it would keep the eyes from having to look at everything at once. Wonderful job though!

I really don't watch these type of shows at all, so it's a miracle I pulled something decent off. I based my show off  Miami Vice, Rush Hour, and added a Hollywood twist to it since I read a lot of Hollywood gossip.

Didn't make any of the poses. Just improvised with what I had since I was too lazy to make any. I did build the setting though, which I did in advance since I wanted a lot of detail. The blood was edited in of course in the editing process.

My only regret is the lighting and how bright it was. I totally agree with them on that. The assignment said to do a scene, so I thought I might get away with it. Should have done a moodier type of lighting since it was a drama.

The next assignment is to do a romance movie. I don't watch romance movies really at less there's some type of comedy, horror, or sci-fi spin to it. Other than that, I find them cheesy and boring. lol If it was a period piece type of movie I might be able to do something, but I got to keep it modern. Ugh. Wish me luck. 

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