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Dead On Arrival: Chapter 15- Uncovered (Poll included)

Warning: Slight nudity and gore of course.

Chapter 15: Uncovered

“What the hell?”

She sighed closing the door slightly, “You can’t tell me you’re not at least a little bit curious about this place.”

“Of…Of course, but…”

“Then come with me. You and Nate.”
 “No,” I heard Nate voice boom from behind me. “I mean…we just got here and you’re trying to get us in trouble already?”
I turned around to him shocked by his initial response, but I was even more surprised by his expression. He looked nervous. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Not wanting to stir the pot the first night seemed rational, but what was with the outburst. Why was he so nervous suddenly?

“I know it’s the first night and you probably want to give this place a chance, but I know how these places work. They make you feel safe. They make you feel secure. All fucking cozy. Then the rug is pulled out right from under you revealing the ugly truth and it all goes to shit. I know all too well how it goes.”

“How do you know?” Nathan snarled. “Sure this room is not anything to rave about and being locked in gives me the creeps, but we do need to give it a chance. Things might get better. Especially if you don’t go snooping around in the middle of the night breaking every rule in the book.”
I laughed rolling my eyes, “Nathan Antony Parker. You’re worried about breaking rules? You of all people?! You live for this type of action. Breaking rules. Getting into everything and anybody’s business. What’s with you?”

“I’m trying to keep us safe.”

“And what makes you think we’re safe here? ” I asked growing more serious.

“Exactly and we’re not. I’m sure of it. I’ve been in a place like this before. When it all started…” Madison trailed off looking gloomy.

The room then grew silent as the tension grew between the three of us. Madison looking weary by the minute standing by the door. Nathan fidgeting nervously while frowning up angrily. Me in the middle. My mind already made up.
“I’ll go. I do want to check this place out,” I said breaking the silence.

Madison perked up smiling while Nathan seemed completely annoyed. He stuttered, “But…but..”

“You can either come along or sit here sulking.”

He chose to sit around sulking. He sat on the bed refusing to look at me. Madison stepped out scanning the hallway for any guards. Then she called out to me to follow. As I went to shut the door he came rushing forward blocking me and squeezed passed me.

“Coming now?”

“Do I have a choice? I’m not taking the fall for you if they march in here out of the blue. Maybe I can keep you out of trouble too.”

I shrugged and he accompanied us reluctantly. Madison led the way down a long dark hallway. We walked in silence and kept our eyes out for any guards, but the place seemed deserted at night.

“Why aren’t there any guards?” I whispered.

“The guard for this floor is blacked out drunk thanks to me. How I got this beauty.” she quietly replied holding up the key card.

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you how you got that thing. You got him drunk?“

“Well let’s just say I used my femininity. You would be surprised by how horny some of you men get when all the womenfolk are either dead or close to dead.”

She paused looking at us, “Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t sleep with him. Not that it matters to you anyway. I have a right! I just flirted and teased him with the idea. The idiot fell for it. We drank…well he drank and then he blacked out drunk in my room.”

“With your roommate?”

“She’s in the infirmary”, she said sadly. “It was just me, so he’s all by himself locked in having himself a nice nap.”

“So why us? I mean why not Omar or Lin? You can open and lock any room with that right?”

“I think so, but you seem to be only ones available that I could get to. Omar is with his wife somewhere. Lin’s on another floor with her brother. Wade can be a well….pain. Then there’s you and your brother who seem like upstanding guys. Then the guard drunkenly told me he put you in the room around the corner from me, so that was convenient.”

She stopped suddenly. She looked at one side of the hallway with double doors and at the other side with a single office door. She turned to us as she seemed to be trying to decide which room to go in.
“The office is Dr. Pinto’s. I’ve been in there. Nothing to see,” Nathan spoke up after brooding the whole way in silence.

“Are you sure? I’m sure it has some valuable information,” she said.

“Yes I’m sure!” he snapped.

“What’s wrong with you? Really. You’re acting really strange,” I interjected.

“I’m fine. Just check out that room and get this over with before we get caught,” he muttered walking forward over to the double doors. He stopped short leaning against the wall. “I’ll keep watch.”

Just me and Madison entered the room then. I was a little relieved we were alone now, but only because Nathan was acting weird. Other than that, I think this room would have been right up his alley. It looked like we were in some type of examination room or morgue.
“Hey. I’m sorry about Nate. He’s not usually…,” I started, but Madison waved me off smiling.

“It’s fine. I can handle him. Besides I was stuck in a room with you and Wade”, she smirked.

“Don’t lump me in with, Wade!”

She laughed. Her face pretty and radiant as ever. I was starting to think maybe having the room to ourselves wasn’t too bad. Then we walked further looking at the examination tables. They were lined up. Some with body bags. Some with white sheets.

“Body bags? And..and…bodies? No wonder it smells like death in here.”

“Death? That practically passes for fresh air nowadays.”

“Yeah, nothing like the smell of death in the morning,” she said rolling her eyes. “Quit joking around and let’s have a look under those sheets.”

I took one sheet off gingerly hoping to see anything, but a body. Unfortunately, that wasn’t so. The body of a female laid under the sheet. She was completely naked with wounds and an open y shape hole in her chest. I backed away somewhat stunned and repulsed by the sight. Despite, my dealings with walkers the sight of a body was still something I hadn’t got used to. Not in this setting. Madison seemed just as unsettled by it.
“It’s weird. I should be used to this by now.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing. It’s not something we should get used to.”

She nodded in agreement and pointed to a sheet with a smaller frame underneath. “God, I hope it’s not what I think it is,” she said closing her eyes.

I hesitated wondering if I had ever seen a child walker before. I shuttered at that the thought. I then grabbed the sheet and yanked it off like a band-aid hoping to make the pain quick, but I wasn’t prepared for what I would see on the table. It was a child as we suspected, but a young boy. A boy me and Nathan once knew.
I called out to Nate without thinking and he came running in within seconds. He didn’t bother to look at corpses or the room for that matter. He came over to us immediately focus solely on our well-being. He must have thought we were in some sort of trouble as he breathed a sigh of relief at sight of us and began complaining.

“Are you trying to get caught yelling like that? I thought something bad happened, "he moaned frowning. I pointed at the boy’s corpse. He looked down and the color instantly drained from his face. "No…no…it’s….”

“It’s definitely Chris…”

“Oh, God. You knew him?” Madison gasped. “I’m…I’m so sorry.”
“Yeah. He was just somebody we knew. Helped him and his family out,” I said studying him. “He was brought here with us, but I guess the poor kid didn’t make it. It looks like he’s been shot in the head. Just like that woman in quarantine, Sarah.”

“Well, there’s no bite wounds I can see. You think he just died and turned?” Madison asked looking away.

“I don’t know. He seemed healthy when we last saw him. I think so anyways.”

“He was and he was just a child. He didn’t deserve this. Not like this,” Nathan lamented.

We stood there next to Nathan for awhile until he himself seemed to have enough. He slowly made his way back to the doorway and cracked the door just enough to look out while remaining in the room. While me and Madison decided to continue the search. There was definitely something sinister about this place. This lab or makeshift morgue, Sarah, the boy. It was plenty to be suspicious about.

It didn’t take long for Madison to find something else to rattle the nerve. She practically jumped into my arms at the sight of it. An old furnace set at the back of the room tucked in a corner and bloody parts laid scattered in front of it like coal. It took everything for me not to gag. I backed away as she held onto me and bumped into a shelf with jars lined up on it. She then jumped and screamed again almost breaking my eardrums. I turned around to see what she was looking at and almost got startled myself. A walker head in liquid stared back at us moving its mouth in a chomping motion and blinking his eyes.
“Well, that’s fucked up.”

“This whole room is fucked up,” she said quivering. “But there’s one more place we haven’t looked. Once we look there I want out of here.”

I knew what she was talking about without asking. The door on the back wall had captured both our curiosity. She examined the door first looking it up and down. Then she began pushing at it with all her might and flinging herself against it.

“Whoa! Wait! Instead of attacking it like that, why not use the card?”
She stopped breathing heavily and turned around to me pointing at the wall, “Don’t you think I would have done that by now? There’s no card reader for it. Just that number pad thing. See.”

“Yeah. You’re going need code for that,” I heard Nathan quietly say behind me as he joined us. “But for now I think we need to go. I heard someone talking at the end of the hall.”

The three of us hurried to the door and crouched down. Nathan peeked out and closed the door quickly. “Dr. Pinto is coming up the hall. I’m going distract him. As soon as I get him out the way I need you two to run back to your rooms.”

“What? Who?” I blurted out in shock.

“No. You can’t,” Madison begged.

“Well I haven’t been the most pleasant this evening, so let me do this. He might even have the code or some worthwhile information.”

“No, wait! There’s got to be a better way to do this,” I whispered as the footsteps outside grew closer. “Wait..”

“I know what I’m doing!”

I watched him rush out the door and close it behind him just as quickly. I lifted up just enough to reach the window without being seen and peered through it. The doctor was in clear view now. He approached my brother.
“Mr. Parker? It’s nice to see you, but it’s way after curfew”, he said puzzled with a thick British accent. “Is something the matter?”
Time to get into that office and retrieve the code!

Decision: Lie and play dumb? (”I need your help doc!”) 
Cut to the chase and ask questions? (I’ve seen some things Doc…”)

Note: Depending on how you get into the office and get the code may cost you.

Vote at >>pollmaker! All votes are anonymous at less you comment.

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