Thursday, November 3, 2016

International Glamour - Finale Scores!

Noni Eze of Nigeria
Got 2nd place. I'm cool with that. Jojo/xjojox was a tough competitor! 

Vid & Noni Eze


The colors in this are very cool. I like the vibrancy of it and the kind of tropical feel that I get from it. I also love the bedroom and would kill for that kind of window scene. Good work!


I really like this picture, the bright colours and the setting - I love that you took a twist with the theme. The parrot certainly looks like he's enjoying himself. Nice work!

TBH I'm surprise I made it this far, but it just shows you I'm improving when it comes to editorial/modeling shots.

I wasn't too happy with my finale photo, but I did what I could and it's still pretty. Might fit a bathing suit assignment better though, but oh well. *sigh* For one, I suck at lingerie shots for some reason. I don't know why, but I always fudge them up. Then my original idea look something like the example photo, so I had to change it up last minute and that really threw me off. Not to mention I couldn't find decent lingerie! So yeah I knew I wasn't going win, but I'm happy for Jojo. She deserved it and she's a total sweetheart! So yay! :)

Oh I almost forgot. Editing. I didn't do much editing. Lighting, the sun flare, the pillows, and the parrot. Everything else is in-game.

The next assignment is to focus on my other crap. I did join another comp, but it's not modeling or story. It's really different. It's called Obituaries. It's on Simtech and Simmetry Design. I guess I can handle it. I'm thinking about cutting my simming time down a lot (more than now) tho, but I'll talk about that later. 

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