Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ahahaha no I don't feel stupid. Who? You're no better!

I just read the Shit Nest aka TMN for the first time in a billion years. *rolls eyes* This is one big reason why I'm going get a life and cut sims out my life soon. I've kept my mouth shut so I wouldn't have to deal with their BS, but I take it they are referring to me and anyone criticizing them for slamming people using BLM for attention since they linked the post about my issues with them about that. *sigh*  
I'm not going pretend I know this Ebonix person or what she fucking did. I'm not on tumblr enough to know her, so I'm not feeling stupid or butthurt or whatever is making them so fucking giddy. I don't care. But wooppiedoo! One out of countless people they've slammed for BLM is an alleged thief! You want a trophy for that?

As for racist pieces of shit, I can say same thing about them. They are no better. Anybody who can post this shit shouldn't be allowed to have a say on diversity or anything at all.

And since we're on that subject. I want to clarify some things.
Where the fuck did I say it was just white cops? Anyone can racially profile anyone. Even people of the same race can racially profile each other. You assume I blame white cops, because...whaatt I'm black?

Black communities have a lot problems including homelessness. Not just my city. Not just blacks. Thanks Captain Obvious! When you're discriminated against, disadvantage compare to others, and drugs are brought into your neighborhood though, it's hard not be homeless or screwed over you know? But you're in the UK on your big old simming throne mocking us aren't you? Good for you. You keep being racist, ignorant, and xenophobic. Ha, if we did mention a cause for homeless blacks, you would complain about that too. 

Oh and Trump said something to the same effect too. "That we blacks in the 'ghettos' couldn't get any worse, so we should vote for him." You should endorse Trump guys! You're sounding more and more like him! You sure you're not Trump?

In all seriousness, during the horrid back and forth back around June/July I got racially profiled by a old white lady in the mall one of those weekends. She kept looking back at me and my dad like we were going fucking mug her in the middle of the mall. Then she stopped and waited for us to go by while looking frightened. It bothered me a lot and it's one reason I got so fucking mad when you continued to demean racism in the U.S. and joke about it. My dad has also been pulled over for break lights outside his house and they pulled their gun out on him. That was a few years before BLM was even a thought! So before assuming I'm just jumping on the bandwagon, think about that maybe I have a good reason to support something like the message of BLM. I don't agree the violence or idiot using it for attention, but I support the message.

As for this gem that pissed me off beyond belief....

Well if your ancestors (yes the British were apart of the slave trade) hadn't enslaved us we would probably still be in Africa, so SHUT THE FUCK UP! How fucking rude!!! Also kiss my African American ass while you at it. :) Also tell the all racist that crawled from under their rocks of late face to face that we're all one race (which I agree with) and get back to me on how well that works out for you. Hey go to a Trump rally! You may receive a punch in the mouth and more. :D

And I can post my whole fucking ancestry on blog if I want. That does not make me racist. It was there, because I saw someone else do it when I was first designing my tumblr and it was just facts about myself, so nice fucking job trying turn that around on me. I don't have direct quote, but I saw that shit.

But THIS is exactly why I called you out publicly. I should have said something about this when you used me as an excuse. I laughed it off thinking nothing of it at first, but it bothered me. "Who is, erm, black..."-like wtf?  You do know racist also use this excuse? *cough cough* Trump too *cough* The old "I'm not racist, because I have black friends!" excuse.

As for this whole thing, I called you out for saying something un-PC, but apparently I was suppose to be your lapdog and kiss your ass. Well I didn't and I refuse to be made of fool of. I don't feel stupid at all. I feel fucking proud of myself.

And this very last time I address this, because as you can see they are racist and just a bunch of assholes who I'm ashamed I associated with. 

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