Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So yeah fat orange monster won, but it will never be my president!

I really have nothing to say that wouldn't turn into a string of expletives! 

You may read some of my thoughts here:

But this is why I get so angry when people go against BLM or the idea of racism still existing or say something stupid like "All Lives Matter." The fact that this man is now president of the United States of America shows that that black lives don't matter to the majority of Americans. Muslims lives either. Or people of any color! He was freaking endorsed by the KKK for Christ sakes! White racist America is alive and well. Thanks to the white racist, Uncle Toms, and psychotic morons this man is my president. I'm sick to my stomach today. America is dead!

Edit: Let's not forget this dude will have the nuclear codes now, so the end of the world is near. Good job U.S. for giving a loose cannon nuclear weapons!

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