Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OBITUARIES - Mock Obit & Scores

In a new comp! It's called Obituaries. Every assignment I have to depict a different death. I could not say no to something so different and unique!

But ughhhhh please ignore the typos and grammer in this obit. I typed this late at night and I rushed it. Plus I didn't have spell check. 😑😵 I do like how pretty the paper texture and photo looks. 😋

Anyway, I got 8th. 😅

I'm disappointed in myself!!!!! 8th?!  Ahhhhhh! Damn my stupidity and my constant need of spell check. Pain.net doesn't have it and I really didn't check it like I should have. I hope I can redeem myself. Drew's pretty face deserves better. 😍

The next assignment/death is water!💦 I gotta show him either in the midst of dying or in impending danger of dying in a watery grave. Thanks to my mentor, Ina I have an idea!😁 Yes, we get mentors with this comp. I usually hate asking for help, but it's sorta nice to get someone else's opinion.👍

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