Sunday, November 13, 2016

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A2 Scores

2nd Place
Ashley Owens

Last minute as usual, but I'm sitting pretty in 2nd again.


We new when we accepted you that you’d be a bit of a tumbleweed amongst a bed of roses, but that’s what we liked about you. Unfortunately, as your dean, I have to point out that you are not appearing to take your assignments seriously. Your lack of enthusiasm is seeming to backfire and cause some issues within your classroom. Ms. May wasn’t very pleased with your tardiness and your inability to focus during the assignment. Be sure you step this up next time, Ashley. You can do this!

Oh my dear Ashley, I did in fact hear of your shenanigans in the classroom, and I’m starting to wonder if you are taking this seriously? You have so much potential for great things and you have a great look. I know this seems as an ‘accident’ but I am leery. Please prove me otherwise, and excel, and top your classmates next week. :)

I really don't have much to complain about. I wanted a cooler looking classroom set up, but I did what was best to tell the story. I have no complaints. It is it perfect? No! I'm ok with that though. I do regret forgetting to put baby hairs under that hair. Thank goodness it's not that noticeable. >_>

Anyway, the assignment was show Ashley at a fancy modeling class called "lighting and angles." Well that's what the lesson for the day was. I kinda had a brain fart trying to think about it, but I came up with an pretty classic idea. Clumsiness. It was also a nice excuse to dress Ashley in something sorta ridiculous and girly since she has no sense style. I imagined her looking super awkward all dolled up. I can relate, since I'm a jeans and tennis girl.

I didn't really edit this much. I spent most my time making and dressing extras. My extras consist of sims from my sim bin, so it was mostly styling. I didn't plan to use extras (other than the guy and the teacher), but the classroom looked empty without them.

The setting was a pain in the ass like I said, but it turned out ok.

The next assignment is show Ashley sorta interning backstage at a modeling shoot. She has to run errands for real models. Lucky for her, something has to go awry. lol Doesn't it always? I just finished the picture a few minutes ago. I love it! I just hope it fits the assignment. It's backstage in a dressing room setting rather than a photoshoot. Anywhoo, I got writer's block. Someone please write my story?! D: Kidding...sorta. lol

Ashley Owens here again. Why the heck you need to know about my first day? Oh....I'm sorry mam. Please don't call my parents. I didn't mean it. I was joking. *laughs nervously* I'll tell you everything. My first day was pretty lousy. I thought I had my posing down pact, but I had no idea there was more to it. Angles? Lightning? Why does modeling have to be so hard?

Well let me tell you I didn't get off to a good start, which was part of the problem. If it wasn't for my roommate, Amber I would have showed up to class in a baggy t-shirt and gym shorts. A no no in an elite modeling school. She practically dressed me. So I was fashionably late literally. I made it to the "studio room" 10 minutes before the bell. I snuck in as quietly as I could, but Mrs. May must have eyes in the back of her head. She saw me even with her back turned to me.

"Ashley you're late and can you please sit like a lady."

The class laughed. I crossed my legs and blushed. How freaking embarrassing. I was thinking, "I already stick out like a sore thumb. Could I just disappear now." Unfortunately I didn't have that luxury.

First she called up a really cute boy up to the front. He was so perfect looking. His face, his smile, and that body. None of the boys from my neighborhood look like that. I was so fixated on him I didn't even notice when my name was called.

"Ashley...ASHLEY! How about you help Malcolm demonstrate the importance of finding the light and perfect body angles."

I immediately froze. All my posing ideas and practice went out the window with the rest of my thoughts. I got up trying not to fall in my high heels. Giggling and whispering echoed in the room. I stumbled almost falling into Malcolm who seem to be perfectly calm. "OK, Ashley you can do this," I told myself.

Then I did the unthinkable. I posed right beside him confidently and I stepped backwards to spread out my feet. That's when it happened. The heel of my shoe dug right into Malcolm's foot! He yelped in pain while the class roared with laughter. All I could do was apologize over and over again as I stood in the spotlight panicking. Why me?

So that was my first day. Can I go back to my room now to mope? I can? Thanks mam.

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