Friday, October 21, 2016

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A1 Scores

2nd Place
Ashley Owens
This is the story comp Beech tricked me into. lol I do like my model a lot, so this should be fun. Story after scores/comments and ramblings like always.

Looks like you already have some of what’s needed to be a model – a fierce personality and the motivation to complete the task. Your application photo also looks like something a model would do. I think your personality will stir the pot here at school and you may end up coming up against other students who think you don’t have what it takes to make it – but keep trying. We deans like to see that kind of effort and we have faith in your skills. Welcome!
Well isn’t Ashley a firecracker?? No matter how tough, any woman, even Ashley can show her beautiful side. Beauty is more than stereotypical looks, its about being confident in your own skin. And I think Ashley has the potential to be the best model she can be. It was a lovely story, Vid and I want to know more. I love the detail you’ve given in her personality and her character. I can’t wait to see her grow! I loved your image too, you always excel in sets! My one complaint is the hand on her hip, looks un posed and stiff. But that’s just me looking for something to critique. Thanks for the read, I enjoyed!

I'm the last minute queen. I don't want to be. lol I did this photo and the story in a mere panic. I spent most of my time trying to find poses, because I'm a lazy ass. I still ended up making poses anyway. Ashley's pose and the guy underneath her. The other two poses are from my Be Afraid Pack. I agree the hand on the hip is stiff with Ashley's pose, but oh well. I might fix it for a pose pack.

The setting was inspired by International Glam A7 photo. I basically wanted an inner city playground.

The editing was lighting, the sun flare, and the mud. The band aids too. I wanted this pic to scream tomboy. I use to be a tomboy, but that was when I was smaller and I still liked girly stuff. (Stuff animals, tea sets, and pink specifically.)

The only real problem I had with this photo was the angle and fitting her body into the photo. I wanted her whole body in the photo, but settled on this as it was the best choice to show all the detail.

The next assignment was show her first day in modeling school and describe her experience with lighting & angles class.  I did it late last night, because I got the due date mixed up with my comp Simply Twisted and it due that night. lol So last minute again. This time I did write my story beforehand at least.

Ok here's the story....

Sup Deans! My name is Ashley Owens, but you already know that right? Well I'm going be straight with you. I have no idea how to be a model. I always thought modeling was for those pretty stick thin girls with vapid personalities and closets full of shoes. I don't get why the heck you would chose me to be a model. Of all people! I was literally wrestling with my brother in the mud when you gave me that frou frou card for the school. "My face. My features. Beautiful. Whaaaaat?" My brother had a similar reaction. I think he said something really rude though, so I slapped him. 

Anyway, I'm not your typical beauty so I was a little caught off guard by your offer and praise. I never been considered beautiful or cute or anything a girl would want to hear. Ever since I was little I've been teased for my looks. My freckles, my puffy hair, my biracial features, and just everything has been the subject of jokes. I've been called ugly more times than I can count. Just yesterday one my brothers told me I was too ugly to be a model. I punched him real good in the mouth, but it did hurt my feelings. I may have a tough exterior on the outside, but I'm pretty sensitive on the inside.

So I decided I would do it to prove them wrong, but I'm still a bit hesitant. I'm a total tomboy and a jock. All I know about is sports and playing in the dirt. I never used makeup. I can't put an outfit together to save my life and I'm a total slob. Other girls think I'm disgusting. Boys treat me like one of the guys. Not to mention I grew up with three older brothers dooming me from start. I can't catch a break. When I told the neighborhood I was being approached for a prestigious modeling school they all laughed at me. It was humiliating.

This isn't just about honor though. I want to attend to become successful. I live in a poor neighbor and my parents can barely afford the four of us. Between sports and my part time job, I can barely function. It would also be nice to try something different. I can't get enough of stuff like football and track, but modeling is something I never thought I could do. Something girly. Maybe this will be good for my self esteem. Something my mom can be happy about since she's always trying to get me to shop with her and get my nails done. Don't get me wrong she loves me the way I am, but she's going to be ecstatic when she sees me all dolled up. My brothers may faint. Yeah I can do this. I can do this. Makeup. Dresses. Pretty things? I'm so nervous! I hope you guys are right about me.

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